Israel passes ‘minimum sentence’ for stone-throwers – Al Jazeera English

Israel has passed an amendment to the country’s civil law establishing a minimum prison sentence of three years for people who throw rocks at Israeli troops, civilians or vehicles.

Palestinians bury dead teenagers killed by Israeli forcesPassed late on Monday night by a vote of 51-17, the legislation includes a number of provisions, among them one that permits the government to strip those convicted of stone throwing of their state benefits.

In effect, the move will further entrench Israeli civil law in occupied East Jerusalem, according to rights groups.Palestinians in the rest of the occupied West Bank, however, are subject to Israeli military law. The law also enables Israel to cancel national health insurance and other social programmes for the parents of an imprisoned minor.

Rima Awad, a member of the Campaign for Jerusalem, a Palestinian rights group, said that Israel is “collectively punishing” Palestinian Jerusalemites.”The families of the accused are also being punished,” Awad told Al Jazeera. ‘Extraordinary step'”Setting minimum sentences is an extraordinary step,” the law’s preface reads. “But the uniqueness of the phenomenon [of rock-throwing] and its scale, which have expanded of late, justify as an extraordinary measure the establishment of minimum punishments in this case as a temporary provision.”

The move comes on the heels of widespread unrest, as an increase in Palestinian protests against Israel’s ongoing occupation have given way to frequent clashes across the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the besieged Gaza Strip.


Source: Israel passes ‘minimum sentence’ for stone-throwers – Al Jazeera English


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