Obama Announces Gun Plan | Al Jazeera America

In tears, president outlines measures to be implemented through executive action to tighten gun controls

President Barack Obama was reduced to tears Tuesday as he recalled the lives of children killed by gun violence in America, and resolved to keep firearms away from those who shouldn’t have them through executive action that would bypass an Republican-led Congress that had proved intransigent on the issue.

With tears running down his cheeks, Obama said that every time he thinks of the first-graders murdered in a mass shooting in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, it gets him mad. “By the way, it happens in the streets of Chicago every day,” he added in reference to the daily toll of gun violence in cities across America.

In an emotional address that follows a spate of deadly mass shootings, the president unveiled array of measures aimed at tightening gun controls that he intends to force through using his presidential powers in lieu of political willingness in Congress to pass any such laws.

Source: Obama Announces Gun Plan | Al Jazeera America


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