Self-Destruct: ‘Merkel Hurls Europe Into Chaos’ – German Politician

Broad statements cannot replace real actions by the government to solve the European migrant crisis, German politician Christian Lindner said.

Leader of the German Free Democratic Party Christian Lindner accused Chancellor Angela Merkel of inaction on the migrant issue and an improper migrant policy, according to the official website of the party.

With her actions, the German Chancellor has plunged Germany and Europe as a whole into chaos, the politician said.

Germany should not take single-handed decisions on solving the migrant issue, he added.

He also harshly criticized Merkel’s famous words calling for people to support migrants: “We can do this.” Lindner said the words cannot replace real actions needed from the government. The only way to resolve the crisis is an immigration law systematizing registration of migrants and contributing to their legal integration.


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Source: Self-Destruct: ‘Merkel Hurls Europe Into Chaos’ – German Politician


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