Residents across East Coast hunker down as mammoth blizzard ramps up | Fox News


Tens of millions of residents from Georgia to New Jersey have embraced the stern warnings and forecasted snow falls and have hunkered down as the brunt of the blizzard could dump 2 feet or more of snow in some areas.

Though snow started to fall in some areas on Friday, the worst of the mammoth storm was still yet to come, with strong winds and heavy snow expected to produce “life-threatening blizzard conditions” throughout the day Saturday, according to the National Weather Service. The Mid-Atlantic could potentially see serious coastal flooding while the Carolinas might see a half-inch of ice accumulate.

At least nine people have already died because of storm-related incidents across several states. Five deaths were reported in North Carolina. Four motorists died in car accidents when broached with treacherous traveling conditions. A child was killed in a separate accident along Interstate 77. State Highway Patrol Sgt. Michael Baker said the 4-year-old was restrained in a car seat and died as a result of the impact in a pickup truck one of his family members was driving.

In Tennessee, a car slid off the roadway due to speed and slick road conditions, killing the driver and injuring a passenger, the Knox County sheriff’s department said. A woman was killed after the vehicle carrying her and her husband slid down a 300-foot embankment Wednesday night, Carter County Sheriff Dexter Lunceford. The woman’s husband was able to climb the embankment and call for help.

Source: Residents across East Coast hunker down as mammoth blizzard ramps up | Fox News


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