Technically, it is illegal to protest inside of Trump rallies

H.R. 347 states that they could be imprisoned for up to a year for trespassing.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign rallies have become a fixture in the 2016 election season as much for the candidate’s rambling speeches as for the frequent interruptions of said speeches.

Demonstrators have filed in to Trump rallies across the country, shouting their anti-Trump messages and promptly being ridiculed by rally-goers and led out by law enforcement.

On Saturday, Trump began to call for the arrest of protesters as he was repeatedly interrupted, raising questions about the legality of protest and whether Trump can press charges against demonstrators. So what are the answers?

The short answer is, no.

In 2012, H.R. 347, a federal law dealing with protest, was amended to make it a crime to “disrupt the orderly conduct of government business or official functions” in areas where the Secret Service is providing protection.

The Secret Service began protecting Trump in November (they also provide security for Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders).

What happens to protesters, then?

Is it legal to protest a Donald Trump rally?

So how do protesters protest?

Demonstrators are technically relegated to free speech zones much like the ones seen on college campuses.

Such zones are often used to keep dissenters away from media attention, according to the American Civil Liberties Union.

At a recent Trump event at Valdosta State University, in Georgia, the two designated free speech zones were not in sight of the arena where the rally was held. One was a quarter mile away.

Source: Technically, it is illegal to protest inside of Trump rallies



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Roger Stone: ‘John Kasich Fired from Reagan’s Staff for Selling Drugs’ | PJ Media

During Wednesday’s Republican debate, Ohio Governor John Kasich presented himself as the guy who’s toughest on drugs; yes, he’s more serious about prolonging the war on drugs than anyone else. Unlike some people up there — see Rand Paul, for instance — he believes drugs are bad and have to stay illegal.

Shortly after he made these statements, former Reagan campaign operative Roger Stone took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Kasich’s stance. His response was shocking: he accused Kasich of being kicked off Reagan’s campaign because he was accused of selling marijuana to fellow foot soldiers.

Last Thursday — the day after the debate — Stone appeared on Dana Loesch’s radioshow where he repeated his claim. He explained that — as a libertarian — he’s actually in favor of the legalization of marijuana, but that’s beside the point. He is, Stone said, just shocked by Kasich’s “hypocrisy”: the Ohio governor pretends to be the drug fighter par excellence while he was actually a (minor) drug dealer himself back in the day.

“It is a stone-cold fact,” Stone said, “that I dismissed him from our field operation because of complaints that he was selling pot to other field men. I don’t really care whether he used pot — I really don’t. My issue here is the hypocrisy.”

He went on to say that “the drug war has been an … abysmal failure. It hasn’t worked…. I called John Kasich’s bluff. He’s a hypocrite.”

Stone is known to be a hard-hitting campaign operative and fervent supporter of Donald Trump, who also attacked Kasich during Wednesday’s Republican debate. Although Trump didn’t say anything about Kasich’s past drug use — or dealing — he did lash out at the Ohio governor and potential establishment favorite for being “lucky” with “fracking,” saying pure chance is the only reason Ohio’s doing so well now.

Source: Roger Stone: ‘John Kasich Fired from Reagan’s Staff for Selling Drugs’ | PJ Media

BREAKING – Trump Ohio Attacker, Tommy DiMassimo, Connected To ISIS – Suspect Featured In ISIS Propaganda Videos 2015… | The Last Refuge

This will obviously need numerous updates as more information flows in.

An attempted physical attack on Donald Trump took place earlier today in Dayton Ohio –DETAILS HERE – The attacker was identified asTommy DiMassimo.

A student of Wright University in Dayton Ohio, Tom Dimassimo is a progressive leftist thug who has participated in various protests including flag burning

By his own admissions DiMassimo is self-identified as an activist with Black Lives Matter, and various left-wing social justice groups.  In addition he’s a Bernie Sanders supporter.

However, shocking new video has now surfaced of Tommy DiMassimo also participating in ISIS propaganda videos, and possibly being a part of their anti-U.S. agenda.  This video was uploaded in May 2015.  You can see DiMassimo is the principal subject within the video which begins with him dragging a flag and talking to the camera operator:



Source: BREAKING – Trump Ohio Attacker, Tommy DiMassimo, Connected To ISIS – Suspect Featured In ISIS Propaganda Videos 2015… | The Last Refuge