When Church and State Shall Unite – by Bill Hughes – YouTube

This is a video from a while ago, when Pope Francis came to address the Members of Congress but its truth about him and his purpose. What is going on is as plain as day to me and it shows how close we are to the end of time. That Popes face frightens me…I see a dark aura around him and feel an eerie presence every time I see him on the television.



Castro hardens rhetoric, warns Cubans to be alert to U.S. intentions

HAVANA (Reuters) – President Raul Castro warned Cubans on Saturday that the United States was determined to end Cuba’s socialist revolution despite restoring relations and a visit by U.S. President Barack Obama, saying one-party Communism was essential to defend the system.

“We must be alert, today more than ever,” Castro said, speaking in front of a giant portrait of his brother Fidel Castro at the inauguration of the Communist Party’s first congress in five years.

Speaking for over two hours, Castro used a defiant tone that belied the breakthrough between the Cold War enemies. He said Obama’s desire to end U.S. sanctions was welcome but just a change of “method”, in reference to efforts by Washington to bring political change to Cuba ever since the Castro brothers toppled a pro-American government in 1959.

Obama and Castro announced in December 2014 they would end decades of hostility and normalize relations. But on a historic trip to the island last month, Obama angered the government with a speech broadcast directly into Cubans’ homes calling for more political freedom and democracy in the one-party state.

Source: Castro hardens rhetoric, warns Cubans to be alert to U.S. intentions

As Supreme Court battle looms, undocumented immigrants seek truce

NO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS! If you cant come here legal dont come at all!!!

LORAIN, Ohio — Police Chief Cel Rivera recalls his first meeting with undocumented Mexican immigrants in 2013, when he learned that minor traffic infractions were leading to federal detention, deportation proceedings and the risk of broken families.

He was struck by the story of Anabel Barron, a single mother who was picked up for driving 6 miles per hour over the speed limit and wound up in a federal detention center for seven hours, fretting over the future of her four children if she was deported.

Rivera awoke at 4 a.m. the next morning and wrote out a new policy that forbids officers from detaining or arresting anyone just because they lack the proper papers. The response, amid scattered opposition voiced in e-mails and on the radio, has been a kind of immigration truce in this city of 63,000, which is 25% Hispanic.

“We wanted them to know that they could feel as protected as anyone in the city,” says Rivera, whose Puerto Rican heritage is shared by many in Lorain. “When they come this far, they’re just looking to work on the farms for $7 an hour. They’re not committing crimes here.”

Source: As Supreme Court battle looms, undocumented immigrants seek truce

Pope Francis calls for a new system of global government to tackle climate change | Environment | The Independent

Pope wants to take over the politics of the US calling for One World Government…one world Religeoun. All prophecied in the book of Revelation and the book of Danial. God is coming soon, for this mere man is setting himself up as God, in Gods place….which is total outright blasphemy to the Lord Jesus Christ whom died for him as well. I say Gods will be done, time to get this over with. Climate Change is non existent. What is happening in the world now is Gods Judgement coming down on an evil evil world…and eventually the Seven Last Plagues will fall. Its at that time, this Pope is going to be running for the hills, realizing the deception he brought upon those whom blindly believed in him. God will have mercy on those whom did not know and they will be saved, irregardless what the Pope and Satan wanted.

In his eagerly awaited encyclical, the Pope made a frank plea to world leaders to ignore the short-term outlook that has always dominated politics

The Pope has been hailed for making a profoundly important intervention to the debate on global warming after making clear that climate change is real, dangerous and manmade – as he called for a new system of global government to tackle this unprecedented worldwide threat.

In his eagerly awaited encyclical, Pope Francis made a frank plea to world leaders to ignore the short-term outlook that has always dominated politics and look to the long-term instead. It is essential to root out widespread corruption which means environmental concerns often take a back seat, he added.

“Recent world summits on the environment have failed to live up to expectations because, due to a lack of political will, they were unable to reach truly meaningful and effective global agreements on the environment,” the Pope wrote in his letter, which was formally released in full after parts of it were leaked on 15 June.

He called on leaders to avoid a “mentality of efficiency and immediacy” that he said was so prevalent today, asking: “What would induce anyone, at this stage, to hold on to power only to be remembered for their inability to take action when it was urgent and necessary to do so?”

Source: Pope Francis calls for a new system of global government to tackle climate change | Environment | The Independent