Sen Sessions – Obama’s Double Murder, Violent Crime Rate – More Coming | RickWells.US

Senator Jeff Sessions warns of the dangers America faces if a reckless decision is made to abandon the progress made over the course of the past twenty years in fighting crime. He reads from a report the statistics of the first wave of those approved for early release last year in California, with roughly six of seven that applied being approved. Sessions reminds his Senate colleagues that these were not innocent victims of overzealous sentencing but judiciously sentenced criminals.

He quotes another article regarding offenders released by the US Attorney in the Pittsburgh area which stated that they “erred on the side of granting the motions.” Senator Sessions notes that this is the policy of ‘president’ Obama and his equally culpable Attorney General to cut people’s lawfully imposed sentences “throughout this country.”

He points out that over the last year 123 police officers have been killed, 35 in the first four months of this year. He says, “Violent crimes and murders have increased across the country at alarming rates.” Sessions shares some information as to the trends in violent crime with his fellow Senators. The information comes from the Major Cities Chiefs of Police Association and deals with the percentage of increase in total murders in the first quarter of 2016 versus the same period in 2015. The picture isn’t good, with Las Vegas coming in with the starkest increase of 82% increase.

Dallas was up 73%, Chicago 70%, Jacksonville 67%, Newark, NJ 60%, Miami Dade County 38%, Los Angeles 33% and Atlanta 20%. Senator Sessions doesn’t cross reference how many of those are sanctuary cities, either officially or in practice.

He cites other statistics that paint a picture that the lawlessness of the Obama regime is trickling down to the thug on the street in dramatic fashion, warning in agreement with FBI Director Comey, that we cannot afford to forget the lessons of the past when it comes to lax criminal enforcement.

Source: Sen Sessions – Obama’s Double Murder, Violent Crime Rate – More Coming | RickWells.US


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