Trey Gowdy Says It’s Time Congress Stood Up For Itself – Really, Ya Think? | RickWells.US

Maybe Trey Gowdy has had a belly full of his constituents asking him why Congress allows the executive branch to walk all over them and our US Constitution. Perhaps he’s grown a little embarrassed at being the paper tiger branch of government or at being the laughingstock source of empty, meaningless man-sounds emanating from impotent legislative adolescents. Could he be feeling disrespected at every turn by a dismissive executive branch, an activist judicial branch and a scornful American public? If he isn’t he most certainly should.

Whatever the motivation, Rep Trey Gowdy is showing the rough edges of his frustration, accentuated by the failure of Obama boy Ben Rhodes to comply with a request to testify before Congress. The issue at hand is the deception surrounding the sale of the Iran nucleargiveaway deal to the American people through our naïve and malleable representatives. With the Senate having surrendered their treaty consent authority to our self-appointed dictator, it’s easy to understand why they place no value on a congressional request for testimony. Forget about co-equal branches of government. That was before we became a dictatorship and before Congress became a gathering and preening site for gutless quislings.

Source: Trey Gowdy Says It’s Time Congress Stood Up For Itself – Really, Ya Think? | RickWells.US


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