United Nations Announces Massive Pro-War Propaganda “Framework” » Alex Jones’ Infowars

Back in October 2013, Infowars reported on a meeting held by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Vienna. A document released during the conference focused on how terrorists and other criminals use the internet for nefarious purposes. This is possible, the UNODC claimed, because there “is the lack of an internationally agreed framework for retention of data held by ISPs,” particularly in the United States.

The UN had the UNODC recommendations and other recipes on the back burner for a couple years, but earlier this month we learned they are ready to float another control scheme.

On May 17, a Security Council presidential statement asked for a proposal from the organization’s counter-terrorism committee to devise a “comprehensive international framework” to “curb incitement, recruitment” of terrorism on the internet.

In addition to working with social networks as part of an effort to take down “extremist” material, the Council “proposed that the international community consider a number of concrete actions, such as developing a counter-narrative campaign to encourage and amplify those actively denouncing terrorism. Other proposed actions included developing the most effective means to counter terrorist propaganda, incitement and recruitment, including through the Internet, and raising public awareness of counter-terrorist narratives, including through education.”

In other words, a concerted propaganda effort aimed at official enemies—enemies largely created, encouraged, armed and trained by the intelligence and military agencies of nations present at the meeting (in particular, the United States, Israel, France, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and the European Union).

Russia, understanding how the United States exploits such meetings and mandates for its own foreign policy ends, “emphasized the importance of a Security Council free of double standards and that did not distinguish between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ terrorists, saying it was fundamentally important that it focus on combating radicalization and incitement to terrorism.”


Source: United Nations Announces Massive Pro-War Propaganda “Framework” » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!


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