Is Black Lives Matter Partially At Fault For The Riots Against Trump Supporters?

The American public is beginning to see the true nature of the left’s premeditated organized campaigns of violence, manifest of late against Trump supporters attending rallies across the country.

Unfortunately they are also learning that despite the unfailing courage and selflessness of the front-line police officer, a web of bureaucracy and directives from administrators and elected officials can handcuff that same officer from doing his best to protect American citizens. The bottom line is, the American citizens attending Trump rallies deserve better protection.

We as a nation need to understand two things that the media will never report: First, these mobs burning American flags and using violence are not “protesters,” but organized gangs intent on fomenting fear. Second, the police are being restrained from doing their job by police administrators who have been cuckolded by the Black Lives Matter “police-brutality” false narrative and are choosing to acquiesce to the propaganda rather than protect Americans.

Organized Gangs Fomenting Fear

Make no mistake, these mobs gathering to stop free speech have less to do with Trump than they do with a desire to disrupt law-and-order wherever it may be, descending citizens’ lives into anarchy, and turning Americans against each other.

I know these riot-makers well; they are the same people who concocted Black Lives Matter as a way to distract the public from the truly disgusting mass manipulation of the poorest and most vulnerable black communicates being perpetrated by the progressive agenda.

The left’s “police brutality” and “de-escalation” efforts are part of a larger strategy, given the face of Black Lives Matter, to make police administrators and elected officials fearful of using warranted, legal force – and as we have seen with San Jose, it’s putting everyday Americans in serious danger.

The two largest protest movements on the radical left are not unconnected but one feeds directly into the tactical requirements of the next.

As a law-enforcement administrator myself, observing the police response in places like San Jose, I, along with the majority of the public, noted that there was no real response by police to move in and protect these citizens. This is not a “standard” response and indicates that the authorities have been handcuffed by their superiors into a state of passivity, instead making very few arrests and simply “holding the line.”

If a police commander is going to put officers in harm’s way, then they must put them in a position to successfully complete the mission. That means that officers must have the all the resources available to them including the use of reasonable force. Otherwise do not put them out there just to “hold the line.” They are just going to get them hurt or worse, get killed.

Repeating the Mistakes of the 1960s?

We are observing the riot-makers cashing in their media-abetted false narrative against police, as we see the police administrators failing to properly staff and equip their front lines against these violent, menacing revolutionaries who are using force and violence to stop masses of Americans from gathering to hear a candidate for president.

In doing so they are repeating the same mistakes of police administrators of the 1960s, when the “hold-the-line” strategy served only to embolden anarchists intent on achieving the maximum level of conflict and violence.

[1] In fact, aggressive action early on sends riot-makers such as those in San Jose the message there are real consequences to their actions: felonies and jail.

Instead, many more Americans will encounter these thugs as they go about what had previously been constitutionally protected activities like attending events or gathering to express political speech, and they cannot count on police administrators to give the front-line cops the resources or the freedom to do their jobs.

In the 1960s, the ideological ancestors of today’s riot-makers were anarchists intent on implementing their own form of organized violence, and their tactics are worth revisiting. The leftists would mobilize people in the streets with large milling crowds of rowdy criminals, waiting for a moment to strike when they would overwhelm police resources. Rioters provoke and then watch for police reaction and when nothing happens, they move in.

The passivity strategy led to many more deaths and injuries in the Detroit, Newark and Washington DC riots in the 1960s. A Washington, D.C., officer said at the time, “We could have stopped this thing if they (police administrators) had not put us under wraps.”

When riots are not quickly quelled with police use of force, they spiral out of control quickly and they give viewers watching on TV the impression that their government is incapable of getting things under control. That undermines public confidence in the police, and chills the public’s confidence—rightly so—that their ability to exercise their constitution freedoms will be protected.

The job of the police administrator is not to cave to false propaganda; it is their job to prioritize legality, duty, and the truth of what is occurring in order to protect the security and property of American citizens, as well as minimize casualties to their own force.

The Left Blames the Victim, Echoing Anti-MLK Past

Trump supporters are not being fully protected to be able to attend and participate in a First-Amendment-protected activity, which is what political rallies are. When the public reacted with fury about the lack of protection afforded by police administrators’ weakness, they were right. This is a shame and an outrage in our democratic state.

When the mayor of San Jose, California, declared that Donald Trump shouldn’t have come to his city, where he presided over a monumental failure to protect his citizens’ constitutional rights and basic safety, he might as well have been one of the many southern Democrat mayors who, during the Civil-Rights Era protests, told Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to stay out of their cities for risk of violence.

The mobs of leftists we saw in San Jose care little about diversity, about bullying, about respect for women, or about the average American. They want enforced compliance with one view, mandated from above, and they will go to any means necessary to ensure dissent is stamped out.

We now see the damage that has been done to our Constitution as we ignore the lies and propaganda of groups like Black Lives Matter – these and their like are not isolated, grassroots protests movements but rather part of a larger framework the left has been putting into place to enable their forceful takeover of American institutions.

Law-enforcement needs to regain its focus on law-and-order and not placating propagandists. This is a battle between rule of law and anarchy, and in San Jose we saw what the future with a police force disempowered entails.

Source: Is Black Lives Matter Partially At Fault For The Riots Against Trump Supporters?


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