Shooter Mateen was Following Sharia Directives, yet the Left Won’t Acknowledge It – TruthFeed

The Orlando shooter, we have learned, beat and abused his wife. President Obama tells us these are the acts of a mentally disturbed man and we must ramp up gun control to keep it from happening again. The reality, however, is that the shooter’s actions proved him to be a devout Muslim who abided by the teaching from the Quran on how one should discipline a disobedient wife.

The political left is once again manufacturing a false narrative to keep the public in the dark about Islamic terror. The latest example comes from the tragedy in Orlando and CNN news anchor Don Lemon. Lemon, as an openly gay member of the press corps, is in a position of power to lead the narrative about what happened at Pulse, when 49 members of the LGBT community were summarily executed by an adherent to Islam.

Hours after the shootings, Lemon said, “The shooter in Orlando is clearly someone who has distorted Islam.”

Like others in the press and the LGBT community, he refused to call a spade a spade and instead opted for a “let’s wait and see” attitude with regard to the killer. The LGBT community, with very few exceptions, has a propensity to view homosexuals and Muslims with the same lens — both as persecuted populations in the United States. Posts charging that one must not call the attacker a Muslim because Islamophobia is as bad as homophobia are making the rounds online. Their view is clear: The rest of the country, and especially Christians, are the true enemy, and the downtrodden must stick together through thick and thin.

Why is it that the LGBT community never challenges Islam, but actually defends it, even after Sunday’s massacre? While Islam’s condemnation of LGBT people is in the strongest of terms — no mosque will allow a gay marriage on its premises, no imam will ever officiate a gay marriage — the reaction of the LGBT community is often a collective yawn. The penalty for engaging in homosexuality in Islam is not condemnation, or a refusal to bake a cake, but rather death in the most painful way possible. This is what true Islam looks like — and it’s not pretty.

It’s time for a wake-up call to Mr. Lemon and others of his ilk. Omar Mateen was a Muslim. He followed the directives of Sharia to the letter. Not only did he kill homosexuals, but he did it in the manner Mohammed required: long, arduously, torturously. And while there are a number of different strains of Islam, many which publicly eschew violence, there is only one Sharia. These ancient laws that draw upon Islamic scripture have not changed. Nor has the violence contained within.

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Source: Shooter Mateen was Following Sharia Directives, yet the Left Won’t Acknowledge It – TruthFeed


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