America Reacts to ‘Clinton Cash’: ‘Astounded, Will Never Be Voting for Hillary, Ever’

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Listeners of Breitbart News Daily and Breitbart News Sunday on SiriusXM called into the shows to discuss their reaction to seeing the film Clinton Cash during its global premiere on Breitbart over the weekend. Many explained that they held viewing parties that included both liberals and progressives.

Brett in New York gathered friends and family, some of them very liberal. Brett said:

My wife’s sister and her husband and their friend are huge liberals. By the end, they said they will never be voting for Hillary, ever, ever, ever. And I even got my wife’s sister to put on a Make America Great Again hat. My sister-in-law said, “I hate this woman” after viewing Clinton Cash and being made aware of some of the Clinton Foundation’s corrupt practices.

Bret in Ohio also called in. “These people [the Clintons] mesh so perfectly into the corruption that’s pervasive in all…

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