The FBI Is Investigating Russia…Shouldn’t They Be Investigating The DNC & The Media For Collusion

tomfernandez28's Blog

Published on Jul 26, 2016

Yes things are always upside down & bassackwards In the matrixxx of unreality that is the U.S corporation…

Dale A. Morrison

Investigating WHO? The FBI? NO of course they shouldn’t. ..who do you people think you are saying the DnC should be investigating for working with the media? especially since EVERYONE knows that the media and the DnC go hand in hand…Especially since the FBI had a solid case against Clinton but what did they do? That’s right, refuse to prosecute her…a mountain of evidence against her and admitted on t.v. news after the fake ass investigation that there was enough to prosecute her…James Comey is just as corrupt as this administration and their supposed to be a separate entity and non biased…my ass…they all work together and I’ll never have faith in this justice system ever again…Comey should be replaced…

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