SHAMEFUL!!! Watch Democrats At The DNC Throw Every American Under The Bus In Favor Of Illegals

tomfernandez28's Blog

Watch if you can stomach it…Pandering sick ass traitor Democrats weasel and worm their way through the most simple & direct questions on Sanctuary city policies and the Americans they are literally killing

Deidre Coday

This is the result of daily mind control. (watching too much TV). People walking around with absolutely no idea of what is really going on in America. Unbelievable. I think their IQ’s have been reduced to negative numbers.
Bill Esquire
Niggers with opinions should be a felony
Christopher Fiorentino
my local P.D. informed its officers not to pull over or ticket vehicles w out of state plates (Mexicans/illegals)because of the headache of the paperwork involved w illegals
DISGUSTING DEMOCRATS!  Do you idiots realize sanctuary cities cost millions in taxpayer dollars?  Every one of these illegal aliens receives more aid and money than…

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