VIDEO Hillary ‘UNFIT’ Parkinson , Stumbles No Ankle Chains, yet – 6 Reasons Why She Is Dangerous

Crazy stuff here! She should not even be being allowed to run for President considering this, all her lies and crimes!!

Reclaim Our Republic

Numerous aides provide support to 68-year-old Democrat

August 7, 2016


In this heated presidential race where being “fit” and “stable” have become terms in the arsenal of both campaigns, startling photographs emerged Sunday showing Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton apparently getting help in climbing up some stairs.

The photos, published by the Reuters and Getty news agencies, show Mrs. Clinton, 68, receiving help as she tries to ascend a staircase in front of a home.

The popular Drudge Report splashed a banner headline Sunday evening that stated, “2016: Hillary conquers the stairs.”


Mrs. Clinton has a history of falling. After fainting and falling in 2013 while U.S. secretary of state, she was treated for a blood clot in a vein in her head at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia hospital.

In 2009, she fell on her way to the White House and broke her elbow.

What do YOU…

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