VIDEO RINO Traitors Letter Try to Throw Election – Trump Fights Back – Dan Rather: Publicly Shame

All the Republicans who did this took a solomn Oath to support the Nominee and they went back on that! Thus they are nothing more than empty shills, not to be trusted again ever! Donald Trump was and is not, nor ever had been wrong here!

Reclaim Our Republic

Fifty RINO Traitors sign a Letter Trying to Throw Election…Frank says: KISS OFF…


Aug 9, 2016

Some Republicans are Bent on Destroying the Party…

Fifty Republicans have signed a letter concerning Mr. Trump, stating in part that he “lacks the character, values and experience” to be president. Please, Republican “National Security Officials”…SHUT UP! If you don’t care for Donald Trump, don’t vote for him. These “officials” are trying to influence an election and get the democrat Clinton in office, and there is no excuse for such an action.

Trump is the candidate of the citizens, not the slimy elitists who condescendingly lecture us about “who we are” or “who we ain’t,” while they defy us, the U.S. Constitution, and GOD with their imbecilic actions that have just about destroyed this nation we love.

Let me make this clear to the Republican establishment and the dimocrats…THIS IS OUR NATION!!! The Republican…

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