MB Obama Touts UN Agendas as Solution to Terror

And he recently said that Donald Trump is unfit to be President. Unbelievable!!~ Mr. Obama was never ever fit to be President of this once great Nation. He got picked only to do the Globalists bidding and thats the only job he did well! And him supporting that Lying Piece of work shows the age we are living in according to the bible where it was said “They will call good evil, and evil good”. They just might put Hillary in but rest assured, God said He would cut the time short of the pure evil that will fall upon the world….and if Hillary is elected it will go full swing. Donald Trump will end this madness if hes elected and for our sakes lets hope he is!!!

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Obama Touts UN Agenda as Solution to Terror

July 31, 2016 Alex Newman

Because this particular terrorist used a truck instead of a firearm to murder close to 100 victims, Obama’s standard propaganda pushing more gun control was obviously inappropriate for the occasion. So, on July 15, responding to the terror attack in Nice, France, Obama pushed a different but related agenda, instead arguing that the solution to terrorism, violence, and other problems is actually globalism. If you disagree with his radical prescription, Obama suggested you are with the terrorists.  

Specifically, Obama told a room full of ambassadors that the world needed more global “institutions” to promote “common humanity” and fight against people’s “impulses” to remain loyal to their tribes, nations, and religions ahead of the globalist mechanisms being imposed on them. As part of the push for what top administration officials call the “New World Order,” Obama also touted the United Nations Agenda 2030 and his

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SHAMEFUL!!! Watch Democrats At The DNC Throw Every American Under The Bus In Favor Of Illegals

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Watch if you can stomach it…Pandering sick ass traitor Democrats weasel and worm their way through the most simple & direct questions on Sanctuary city policies and the Americans they are literally killing

Deidre Coday

This is the result of daily mind control. (watching too much TV). People walking around with absolutely no idea of what is really going on in America. Unbelievable. I think their IQ’s have been reduced to negative numbers.
Bill Esquire
Niggers with opinions should be a felony
Christopher Fiorentino
my local P.D. informed its officers not to pull over or ticket vehicles w out of state plates (Mexicans/illegals)because of the headache of the paperwork involved w illegals
DISGUSTING DEMOCRATS!  Do you idiots realize sanctuary cities cost millions in taxpayer dollars?  Every one of these illegal aliens receives more aid and money than…

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FBI makes warning visits to Americans on ISIS KILL LISTS

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“Among them are ‘many’ Christians involved in international student welcome ministries or who are helping Muslim refugees settle in the United States.” They’re killing the people who are welcoming them in, and still the political elites continue with these suicidal immigration programs.

isis Muslims“FBI Makes Warning Visits to US Christians on Jihadist ‘Kill Lists,’” by Bill Bray, ASSIST News Service, July 31, 2016:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is interviewing Americans whose names have recently appeared on “Kill Lists” on a Jihadist website

Among them are “many” Christians involved in international student welcome ministries or who are helping Muslim refugees settle in the United States.

The FBI visits are not related to the killing of an 86-year-old French priest by two young terrorist supporters of Islamic State, also known as ISIS, on Wednesday, as he led prayer in a Normandy church. The FBI visits were already underway before the priest…

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