The Public Brainwashing Service Indoctrinates Kids: Love Open Borders, Hate Donald Trump

Reclaim Our Republic

Sept 16, 2016 by Mark Tapson

San Francisco PBS affiliate KQED is offering a Common Core-ready lesson plan designed for public school teachers who want to indoctrinate — er, teach students to embrace the idea of open borders and to reject sensible immigration restrictions, such as those proposed by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, as an intolerant, bigoted, “fear of foreigners.”

As The Daily Caller reports, the lesson plan — which comes complete with “safe space” suggestions, naturally — is offered by way of a section of the taxpayer-funded television station’s website called “The Lowdown” (“connecting newsroom to classroom”).

The lesson released this week centers on a graphic comic titled Fear of Foreigners: A History of Nativism in America. We think you can already see where this is going. The first of its 12 pages is shown above. The Daily Caller has more details:

“Students read and annotate the graphic,”…

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