Candidate Donald Trump Carries Debate Night With Authentic Political Outrage…


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Initially I had to wait to debrief on the debate, because unlike all other debates this time I needed to watch it twice, in some segments three times; and look at the expression, the emotion behind the words.

Some of the things Donald Trump mentioned last night flew under the radar. Like when Trump expressed his “disappointment in congress” to uphold some semblance of constitutional oversight against a weaponized executive branch.

I found myself thinking: wow, did he really say that…

Then it all began to make sense.  This is the unchained Trump.  This is the guy, now a candidate for president, expressing why he’s in the race; a position he never actually wanted to get into…. he’s often said he’d be quite happy if someone else were doing it, for the right reasons.  But they don’t… and so he is.

And his family knew it too:


This is the guy, who is genuinely PO’d at congress for letting the executive branch weaponize itself (it’s own cabinet member organizations) against its own citizenry.

This is the guy who said: “I just had to do it”…”I just had to”, letting all those reasons out for the voters to see.  Stunning, and genuinely authentic.  Trump means this stuff, if you watch him say it, you can tell.  Unlike most politicians, you can actually feel his emotion.

I recognized as I watched Trump explain his disappointment in congress, and later his absolute intention to appoint a special prosecutor to look into all of Hillary Clinton’s various “issues“, that the action of the professional political class in the past 48 hours has liberated Trump from having to worry about ‘their position’ on such matters.

All of those professional DC politicians who rushed to the UniParty exits over the weekend have actually liberated Donald Trump.  Before they ran he was concerned about their sensibility; now they’ve run – it’s no longer an issue.

This is the June 2015 escalator Trump.  Only this time he’s carrying a the severity of millions of people he’s seen face to face in his chosen words.

This is the powerful Trump.  This is the guy who really does intend to change this self-serving, corrupt and ridiculous DC operating system.

This is bold mandate Trump.  Watch:

***(My own Note) Lying through her teeth and anyone else would have had that evil grin slapped the hell off their face!***

The best part about this issue is that MOST Americans know, intrinsically at their very core, that Clinton is getting away with severe violations of the law. That’s what makes Trump’s indignation about her arrogance really have an impact.

Even Frank Luntz had to admit this moment was the strongest moment of the night for Republican, Independent, and Democrat viewers. This was the highest moment polled for Clinton’s supporters in the debate.


Even Hillary Clinton’s own supporters know Trump is correct.  The FBI investigation was flawed, bastardized by politicization, and structurally intended to reach a conclusion palatable to the DOJ (Lynch) who never intended to file any charges from the outset.

We know this; there’s a ton of after-the-fact evidence that supports this; and the vast majority of American voters also ‘get this’.  Everyone knows this is wrong…. ergo everyone knows Trump’s outrage at this insufferable double standard is righteous.

Oh sure, CNN goes straight to the Hitler and Stalin references when Trump says a special prosecutor should look into all the shady dealings.  The MSM pearl clutches while saying how horrific it would be to see a weaponized Department of Justice.

The media seem to think we are not aware of the IRS / Lois Lerner scandal was not technically an IRS targeting scandal, but more accurately a DOJ scandal using the IRS.

The MSM tends to think we are not aware of that… or of the 1.3 million pages of confidential IRS documents Lerner delivered to the DOJ on two separate CD ROMS.  Or the Schedule B filings which listed all the contributors to the non-profit groups etc…  Or the special attention list created from those Schedule B’s.

This debate proved one thing more than all others, Donald Trump intends to wreck this entire corrupt UniParty system once and for all….


Source: Candidate Donald Trump Carries Debate Night With Authentic Political Outrage…


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