VIDEO Real Leaders Should Demand Hillary Exit The Race – Trump v Hillary Life Or Death Consequences

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Oct 9. 2016 by Paul Hair

Hillary Clinton supports slaughtering unborn babies, murdering innocent people, sexually mutilating and abusing children, raping women, overthrowing the U.S. with illegal aliens and refugees, overthrowing the U.S. with black supremacist terrorists, expanding Islamic terrorism, and every other evil imaginable. Yet I have not heard one significant Democratic, Republican, liberal, or conservative leader call for her to exit the race. This is unconscionable.

Hillary Clinton is undeniably evil. Leaders from all political ideology have a duty to demand that she exit the race.

Clinton leads the Democratic Party which openly worked with the enemy to defeat the U.S. in war—on multiple occasions. The latest example is the Iraq War when 20% of Democrats openly said they wanted Islamic terrorists to defeat America.

On top of this, Democrats such as Dick Durbin and Harry Reid went to…

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