University of Illinois Sets Up Safe Spaces for Precious Snowflakes Following Election

Hillary supporter crumples to the floor following her defeat on Tuesday.

The University of Illinois forwarded this email to students following Tuesday’s election.  The campus provided “post election healing spaces” in light of Donald Trump’s historic victory.

Subject: Re: [Students] Fwd: Post Election Healing Spaces

Also, just a note that Alex Matelski, Heather Wright, and I will be MSB 177 from 6pm-8pm tonight to facilitate a healing space.

I posted the following in the 2020 Class group, but I’ll reproduce it here for anyone who might not be able to view that.

I know many of us are feeling upset, anxious, and even afraid in the wake of the election. If you feel you need a space to discuss, vent, and listen, please join us (Alex Matelski, Heather Wright, and me) in MSB 177 from 6-8pm.

I know I’ve been struggling in the wake of the election results, and I know that sharing that distress with some of my classmates today has helped immensely. Our class is composed of people from diverse backgrounds and experiences, and I can’t imagine the anxieties and sorrows that are being experienced. Please know that you have classmates (and administrators) who care about you and your safety.

Please use this space if you would also like to process among friends. It is not meant as a time to debate policy or ideology. Just a place to feel supported, despite what the exit polls might say.

Bring a mug and we will bring some bags of tea.

Please note that this will be a healing space to address the distress many of us are feeling, and I sincerely ask that everyone keeps that in mind.

Hope to see you there, and I hope everyone is well.

We are raising a generation of snowflakes.

Source: University of Illinois Sets Up Safe Spaces for Precious Snowflakes Following Election

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