Obamas ‘skip White House tradition’ when meeting Donald and Melania Trump after bitter campaign – Mirror Online

On Thursday, the USA’s new President elect, billionaire businessman Donald Trump, met President Barack Obama at the White House.

It followed a shock victory for the divisive Republican candidate – and not everyone was happy about it.

Riots broke out across the country while Trump and wife Melania met with the Obama and current First Lady Michelle in Washington DC.

The Obamas have been very outspoken about their feelings on Trump throughout Hillary Clinton‘s campaign, which they wholeheartedly supported.

They tried to put their differences behind them, but there was one traditional nicety which was skipped according to the Wall Street Journal.

Usually, the President-elect and his wife will join the outgoing President and First Lady on the south side of the White House for a photo opportunity.

Following the 2008 election, the Obamas stood for photos with President George W. Bush and his wife Laura at the White House.

However, this custom appears to have been cancelled this year as no staged group photographs have been released of the foursome.

We did get a glimpse into the meetings between the Trumps and Obamas, with photographs being taken while they talked.

The Wall Street Journal believes the shunning of this tradition is a mark of the couples clashing during the campaign, writing: “The decision not to participate in this tradition illustrates how bitter the campaign was, particularly for Mrs. Obama, who delivered some of the most emotional arguments against electing Mr. Trump.”

It is not clear whether the photograph opportunity was ever scheduled to take place or if it was simply not planned this year.

Obama had campaigned vigorously for Trump’s Democratic rival, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, while calling the businessman both temperamentally unfit for the presidency and dangerously unprepared to have access to US nuclear codes.

But yesterday the two men attempted to put aside their differences as they worked to ensure their handover ran smoothly.

Perhaps they will pose for the photo in January when Trump is inaugurated as President.

Source: Obamas ‘skip White House tradition’ when meeting Donald and Melania Trump after bitter campaign – Mirror Online


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