Portland Anti-Trump Protest Turns to Chaos as Anarchists Smash Cars and Bus Stops – Willamette Week

Police have declared Portland protest marches a riot, as anarchists appeared to take leadership of the third night of demonstrations against Donald J. Trump’s presidency.

Tonight’s protests attracted more than 2,000 people, who remained peaceful for more than three hours of marching and chanting. But as a protest moved into the Lloyd District around 8:30 pm, it became increasingly chaotic, with teenagers partying and anarchists in red bandanas destroying property.

Multiple groups marched against Trump tonight, and it’s unclear who started the property destruction.

Organizer Gregory McKelvey declared he was leaving. “Going back home,” he tells WW. “Don’t want to be involved in destruction or violence of any sort.”

The new ringleaders set off fireworks, smashed car windshields in the Broadway Toyota dealership, broke bottles and shattered the glass of a TriMet bus stop.

Oregon State Police in riot gear have appeared at the scene.

UPDATE, 10:30 pm: Masked anarchists smashed windows of banks and boutiques throughout the Pearl District.

Video by Mike Bivins.

Portland arrested several people in downtown, but the main protest events ended without mass arrests.

Photos by Christopher Onstott.


Portland’s Resistance, which organized the march that started in Pioneer Courthouse Square tonight, has disavowed the vandalism.

Source: Portland Anti-Trump Protest Turns to Chaos as Anarchists Smash Cars and Bus Stops – Willamette Week


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