Commies, Thugs, Illegals Proclaim Law & Order Trump Not Their President

Democrat operatives and paid agitators are out in the streets of many American cities becoming de facto mascots for their party by making complete asses of themselves. Their candidate lost the election by a landslide. It wasn’t even close and the results are not being contested by the losing candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Some of the agitation, much of its organization, originates with anti-American groups. The angry Latino woman in black being interviewed as they walk down the street has a shirt on that reads “Revolution Nothing Less!” and has the link below of, the site of the Revolutionary Communist Party. They actively promote the riots and advocate for the overthrow of the US government.

As to the useful idiots who aren’t out to fundamentally transform the US into a communist society, those  who aren’t shills for the Obama and Clinton agendas, do they not understand the difference between an election and a coronation? Or is it just that, as spoiled brat liberals, they simply demand to have their way, and will manipulate, distort and tweak the justification to fit the situation to their desired outcome?

They claim that Donald Trump is not their president and for many that is probably the case. When they are deported back to their own country they can then say hello to their true and real president. Donald Trump was elected the president of America, a leader for American citizens and legal residents.

Hussein Obama, on the other hand, was allowed to occupy the office having never proven his citizenship, answered questions about his use of forged documents or why he sealed his records and he and his domestic partner both lost their law licenses. If there was a case for anyone to legitimately argue or state that an occupant of the White House was not their president, it was in response to the placement of the current occupant, Hussein Obama into the office and the refusal of the corrupt Congress to force his eviction.

Obama was not our president yet no republicans beat the hell out of anyone’s car in response. No republicans marched up and down the streets creating civil unrest, blocking traffic, intimidating people and scaring the hell out of innocent women and children. Those supporting Republican candidates never forced police to be deployed to maintain some semblance of order. It’s not hard to tell who the good guys are and who are the bad guys in this whole situation.

Republicans didn’t utilize paid agitators of the type George Soros and are using to create chaos and disorder in what is normally an orderly process when they are not involved. It’s fine for them to be unhappy about the outcome, somebody always is. That’s the nature of a winner take all system. It’s not fine to throw a violent criminal tantrum because you didn’t win.

There were sixteen other Republicans and three other Democrats who lost to Donald Trump. Only Hillary Clinton supporters resorted to rioting and thuggish behavior, including beating up his supporters at rallies. There might have been more violence against Clinton had her collusion and criminal activities against Bernie Sanders come out earlier, but she got away with that one. At their convention the shill Sanders acted like the good little operative and endorsed her immediately in spite of obvious shenanigans.

The fact is that only supporters of Hillary Clinton, a candidate funded by anti-American George Soros are acting out in this manner. It is only George Soros funded thug agitators who are the outside agitators that are known to police. That should tell every honest American, which excludes most of her supporters, everything they need to know about the woman (aside from her 4 or 5 ongoing investigations) from a standpoint of her lack of character. It also reaffirms everything we already knew about the disgusting anti-American globalist trash George Soros.

Donald Trump may not be your president, but he’s my president and like it or not, you already had your vote. She got many more than she was entitled to through fraud and she still lost. Rioting is not an acceptable response, nothing is going to change. We are not about to give in to your demands. Either grow up and go home or go to jail. It’s a pretty simple choice.

Source: Commies, Thugs, Illegals Proclaim Law & Order Trump Not Their President