Jason Chaffetz Fully On Board With Trump Agenda – Now That He’s Won

Maria Bartiromo invited Rep Jason Chaffetz to her Sunday Morning Futures program to discuss the upcoming Trump administration and the interaction with the House of Representatives. She asks if he thinks they can get Mr. Trump’s tax plan implemented in 2017 and what other areas look promising for reform.

Rep Chaffetz, who heads the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, replied, “Yeah, we’d better. Tax reform, the oppressive Obamacare has to be dealt with immediately, there are trade issues, there are certainly issues on the border. President Trump’s agenda is full and so is the House of Representatives.”

He continues, “Because there’s also a lot of regulations that need to be rolled back and there’s a lot of executive orders that President Trump is going to have to deal with in the first few days that he’s in office. But with the Republicans having the House and Senate and the presidency we’re more optimistic than ever.”

Bartiromo asks, “Are you saying you would vote yes to the 15% corporate tax rate and the lowering of taxes that Donald Trump has proposed?” Chaffetz responds, “Yes, and I think it will be even more complex and we’ll deal with other issues as well but lowering the corporate income tax, the highest corporate income tax in the world, dealing with the repatriation of literally billions of dollars that’s parked overseas will do wonders for our economy and I know that President-elect Trump understands this.”

Chaffetz shares the Trump goal of 4% growth rate, saying that should be the laudable goal that we can get to, acknowledging that there are “some very systemic things that we can do, corporate tax rate, and the repatriation is literally…I would love to know the analysis of how many billions of dollars are parked overseas that would come back and would be injected into this economy.”

Chaffetz says that he’s been opposed to the now-dead TPP and prefers bi-lateral deals with individual nations, as does Mr. Trump. He also agrees with infrastructure spending and qualifies it with an acknowledgment that some tough choices in the allocation of funds will need to be made, including refurbishing the military. Chaffetz pointed to the waste of over $700 billion with the Obama bailout, money that more or less just disappeared.

Rep Chaffetz says he expects the investigation and potential prosecution of Hillary Clinton to go forward, noting that while Obama may choose to pardon her, there are many things and individuals that need to be investigated.

With all of this common ground it’s hard to believe Chaffetz didn’t actively support Mr. Trump during the election. Mitt said not to.

Source: Jason Chaffetz Fully On Board With Trump Agenda – Now That He’s Won


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