Kerry Sending “Refugees” From Australia’s Prison Camps To Our Streets

John Kerry is always looking for new and innovative ways to expand the number of “refugees” he’s importing into the United States. Now he’s agreed to “consider” and sent the associated induction personnel to process Muslim boat people from Indonesia and elsewhere in the South Pacific region. They have been confined to Australia-funded Pacific island camps on Nauru and Papua New Guinea since being denied entry into their country. A tough policy of refusing admittance to Australia to any potential asylees traveling by boat was adopted in July of 2013, which led to the creation of the camps.

The camps are rough, inhumane places, and some of the detainees have spent years inside. There are numerous reports of abuse and self-harm amongst detainees, including in camps which house children. More than 2,000 incidents of sexual abuse, assault and attempted self-harm have been reported over the past two years at the Nauru detention center alone. Of course his family won’t be affected nor will the Obamas or other elites. None of them will come into contact with these individuals. They’ll send the hardened lawbreakers, many of them ruthless perverts and criminals, to live among us, the peasant citizens, the nobodys, in our neighborhoods. We can support them with our state and local tax dollars.

AP reports that most of the asylum seekers are Muslims from the Middle East, Africa and Asia. What’s Kerry waiting for? They can be stamped approved before the ink is even dry on the application. That’s just the non-white, non-Christian, non-assimilating, terrorism-prone demographic the Obama regime is desperate to increase in the US. At a minimum the numbers will include 1,300 boat people and another 370 who received medical visas for treatment in Australia and refused to leave. Lawbreaking is seen as a positive characteristic by the criminals in the Obama regime that deserves to be rewarded.

Kerry said the US had “agreed to consider referrals” from the United Nations refugee agency on Australia’s refugees. He works hand in hand with the UN coordinating the global government population redistribution. A team of DHS officials are expected in Australia this week to begin assessing refugees. The conduct of assessments means the induction process has already begun. Those that are approved will be coming to our neighborhoods and streets.

They’re going to be shipped to the US and supported by the US taxpayers, the decision’s been made. Kerry’s just trying to make it look like a thoughtful, legitimate process. The only reflection left for Kerry to consider is how many more he might be able to get away with and what other excuses are there he can use to bring them in.

He told reporters in New Zealand, “We are going to work to protect vulnerable refugees around the world, and we’ll share that responsibility with our friends in the regions that are most affected by this challenge.”

In keeping with the overall goal of global government and population homogeny throughout the formerly sovereign nations of the world, Australia’s Turnbull agreed in September to be a dumping ground for Central Americans being housed at a camp in the Central American nation of Costa Rica and to increase their annual “refugee” intake to 18,750 year.

At the time Turnbull, another Goldman Sachs alum, insisted that there was no quid pro quo with the US for a “refugee” deal. That seems a bit disingenuous now, just over a month later, with Australia taking invaders from our backyard and us taking theirs. That long distance arrangement enables them to appear to be making special considerations for “problem populations.” They can then claim the blessing of “diversity” resulting from what is a “righteous humanitarian defense” for burdening their people with the human infestation.

Fundamental transformation through population dilution is a global oligarch objective, underway in Australia and Europe as well as in America. We’ve all have more than enough. On January 20th this lunacy stops, at least in the US. Australians might want to take not of what has happened in America and the UK, and turn out the globalist tool, Mr. Turnbull.

Source: Kerry Sending “Refugees” From Australia’s Prison Camps To Our Streets


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