Lou Dobbs – Charge Sanctuary City Mayors As Accessories To Illegal Alien Crimes

dobbs plante williams

Lou Dobbs welcomes Chris Plante and Eboni Williams for a discussion of Mr. Trump’s options for dealing with rebellious scofflaw mayors intent on serving their globalist masters and maintaining their sanctuary city policies. Dobbs notes that Trump has a lot of firepower behind him in dealing with this issue. Eboni Williams leads off  the discussion with an observation that Mr. Trump “has all of the tools behind him because, guess what, just like ‘president’ Obama told the State of Arizona a few years back, you do not get to make statewide immigration policy.”

She notes that the supremacy clause of the US Constitution puts federal law supreme, enforced by federal officers. She says, “All Rahm Emanuel, de Blasio and these sanctuary city guys are doing, they’re creating a fake narrative that makes them look like heroes around this issue to illegals.”

Dobbs inserts his view, “They’re pandering to a constituency.” Williams responds that, “They’re talking about a bunch of nothing because all they really are doing is saying something that they can’t do.” Dobbs brings Plante into the conversation, noting that Trump is targeting the criminal elements of the illegal alien population first, “And these mayors, for whatever reason think that they can successfully pander by supporting illegal immigrants and protecting them from the consequences of being criminals.”

Plante agrees and points out that Rahm Emanuel proclaimed in the past that Chick-fil-A values had no place in Chicago but he is now protecting criminal illegal aliens. He believes there is an opportunity to make an example out of one or more of these blowhard Democrats by charging them as accessories after the fact for creating the situation that resulted in bodily injury or death to an innocent American citizen. It’s a brilliant idea, one that has been floated on these pages as a possible sanction against Jeh Johnson and Hussein Obama in the past without gaining any traction. Perhaps Plante’s application, under this new administration will be the right combination.

It will only take one successful enforcement to pop the delusional bubble of all of these mayors that somehow leads them to believe that a municipal declaration will protect them from ordering their subordinates to defy federal law.

Williams thinks that the same type of action could apply to family members who have lost loved ones through the deliberate malfeasance of mayors or other city officials. There are many injustices out there that would serve as excellent test cases. This may be the public awareness that acts as the motivation for setting the wheels of justice into motion.

Mr. Trump met many family members who were injured during the campaign, who had loved ones taken from them by illegal aliens who would certainly be willing to serve and honor the memories of their loved ones and save unknown lives of those in the future by shutting down the existence of sanctuary cities in this country.

The US is likely the only place such creation exists on the planet. No other country, as messed up as they might be, would allow a city and their officials to usurp national law. Only in America and only under a criminal White House. That’s about to change.


Charge Sanctuary City Mayors As Accessories To Illegal Alien Crimes


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