Lynch Proud Hate Crime Prosecutions Up -“Civil Rights Gestapo” Targeting Privileged White Folk

No Mention of the Hate Crimes against Trump Supporters…nor her own Crimes colluding with Criminal Hillary Clinton. 😦


loretta lynch


When Loretta Lynch acts or speaks, it’s always important to not only listen to her words but to look past them, at what might be her real motivation for what she’s up to, at the timing or who it impacts. There is almost invariably a racial or Islamic preference or other Democrat agenda item that she is advancing.

She begins her message with a statement that, “Earlier this week the FBI released its statistics on hate crimes committed in 2015. These numbers should be deeply sobering for all Americans. Among other alarming developments the report showed a 67% increase in hate crimes committed against Muslim Americans.”

Of course we can’t trust the woman who abused her office to shelter Hillary Clinton from justice and she’s publicly stated her pro-Islamic, pro-black and anti-white bigotry, so her words have meaning more as a warning for what the DOJ is up to than anything else. She identifies the supposed victims as Muslim Americans but are they really American citizens or are they foreign Muslims residing in the US, some of them with a Koran-sized chip on their shoulder.

She offers that statistic as if it were a percentage of a static population, but the Muslim population in America is experience tremendous state-sponsored growth under Hussein Obama’s pro-Islamic regime. If the percentage remained consistent there would be an increase just by virtue of the larger population.

We must remember in December of last year when Lynch, in an appearance before the group “Muslim Advocacy,” pledged to defend Islam from the mean-spirited Americans being overrun in the regime’s invasion. She said, “Now obviously this is a country that is based upon free speech. But when it edges towards violence, when we see the potential for someone lifting that mantle of anti-Muslim rhetoric or as we saw after 9/11 violence directed at individuals who may not even be Muslims but may be perceived to be Muslims, and they will suffer just as well, just as much. When we see that we will take action.” If you don’t like Muslims or actions by Muslims for any reason and dare to exercise your free speech rights under the Constitution, the thought Gestapo under Lynch, her “Civil Rights’ division, are coming to get you.

At that same event she spoke proudly of the number of investigations and charges of hate crimes that the regime has prosecuted and predicted many more. She urged Islamists to let their voices be heard in bringing accusations of hate crimes and pledged that DOJ would be their partner if they did so. With bait like that, it’s impossible for their numbers not to go up. She’s inciting an epidemic of charges being filed, deliberately creating the perception that the evil, racist Americans are attacking the poor, innocent Muslims strictly because we’re bad people. It’s a defense mechanism to further enable their government-sponsored Islamic invasion and stifle American opposition.

She doesn’t group the attacks on white people, such as the knock out game, or on Donald Trump supporters as hate crimes because those victims are white. Crackas deserve whatever happens to them because they are privileged, everybody knows that.

The classification of a hate crime should not even exist as it is implicitly preferential in nature and violates the concept of everyone being equal under the law. Now, under the Lynch federal Gestapo, non-whites have an advantage. Whites are presumed guilty and racist until proven otherwise.

Lynch’s bigotry is clearly on display for all to see but she couldn’t care less. She’s got an agenda to serve. She’s gotta get them racist crackas – slavery, you know.

Lynch Proud Hate Crime Prosecutions Up -“Civil Rights Gestapo” Targeting Privileged White Folk

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