VIDEO Julian Assange Isn’t Done With Hillary, Reveals Hidden Human Trafficking Network

This Podesta guy just causes my gut to retch..and Hillarys involvement is hair-raising! Someone on twitter sent some adult/child artwork of Podestas in and it was not only disgusting and horrific but heartbreaking if that art is real! There were even babies depicted! Why arent they on those ppl like flys, this entire thing is so wicked and vile. I hope eventually heads will roll starting from the top!

Reclaim Our Republic


by Elliot Bougis
The Conservative Daily Post

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the Internet…

I have been reporting for weeks now about the D.C.-based “pizza pedophilia” ring that is being exposed based on thousands of “Podesta emails” released by Wikileaks in the past month or two.

As of last week, the case became even more explosive

Now, don’t get nervous because it looks like computer mumbo-jumbo. You only need to remember two things.

1 – Every picture file is actually a code/pattern of numbers that our computers “translate” into images on the screen.

2 – Some “extra” information has been discovered in at least one picture code/pattern from a Wikileaks email.

I reported weeks ago about this “pedo ring” something called “photo steganography,” which is just the fancy term for the two points I explained just now.

The image (.jpg) of the two…

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