Gen. Mattis’ letter to Marines before he led them into battle

In other words, walk softly and carry a real big stick lol! I do believe this General will be a good one.

Reclaim Our Republic


Nov 20, 2016

Marine Gen. James N. Mattis is a leader and motivator of troops. He understands history, world relations, and his men. The General is a lengend among his men and you need to read he personal letter he wrote to his command before battle. Mattis is no stranger to battle, having been engaged many times. He is currently at the top of the list for the job of Secretary of Defense. We will all be the better for him taking the job.

Story as Written By Paul Szoldra for Nordic Business Insider:

James Mattis Wrote Letter Marines Combat.

Marine Gen. James N. Mattis is something of a legend in the US military. Looked at as a warrior among Marines, and well-respected by members of other services, he’s been at the forefront of a number of engagements.

He led his battalion of Marines in the assault during the first Gulf…

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