Cop Pulls Over Distraught Veteran, Takes Him to Store And Buys Groceries

Thankful for our men in blue!

Deputy Don Kitchen

In Sequim, Washington, on Sunday evening, Deputy Don Kitchen reportedly responded to a dispatch call that involved an erratic driver. When Kitchen found the vehicle in question, he pulled the driver over and discovered an 83-year-old retired United States Army colonel behind the wheel.

According to KONP, the retired colonel reportedly had gone out to buy groceries and became lost and disoriented. The man, whose wife had died recently, lives alone, and it was apparent that the man was grieving.

The Clallam County sheriff’s deputy then made an astounding move. Kitchen reportedly got the man’s car to safety and parked it at the Sequim Walmart before accompanying him to the Safeway on the east side of Port Angeles, where they shopped together.

Kitchen then added onto the amazing kindness and paid for the man’s groceries.

“Deputy Kitchen didn’t do this for any notoriety; he did it because that is what Deputy Kitchen and most people in law enforcement like to do: help those in need,” Undersheriff Ron Camerson said.

Opposing Views remarked on the story, adding that this army vet’s story sadly was not unique. Many veteranswill be spending the holidays alone this year, and there are a reported 50,000 homeless veterans in America. That is 8.6 percent of the total homeless population.

What this officer did is amazingly kind, and shows what the men and women of law enforcement are really about. This story  reminds us all that we should take a little time out from our own lives to give back to the men and women who have helped protect our way of life.


Cop Pulls Over Distraught Veteran, Takes Him to Store And Buys Groceries

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