VIDEO JFK, RFK, MLK Killed By the Same Forces,Trump Needs to Beware

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JFK, RFK, MLK Were All Killed By the Same Forces- Trump Needs to Beware

Nov 22, 2016 by Dave Hodges

The fate of all effective reformers.

The fate of all effective reformers.

On this the 53 anniversary of the assassination of John F Kennedy, it is important to take stock of the fact that RFK and MLK were all killed by the same forces and for many of the same reasons. DONALD TRUMP NEEDS TO TAKE HEED OF THESE FACTS. HE IS A MARKED MAN AND HE NEEDS TO BE CAREFUL TO NOT LET HISTORY REPEAT ITSELF. 

The murders of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King were all orchestrated by the same group. How can I be sure? I can be sure by a simple preponderance of circumstantial evidence which overwhelmingly connects the three most important and horrific assassinations in the 20th century.

The Vietnam War

All three men shared a similar goal of…

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