VIDEO Leftists Complain, “There are Two Americas Now” – Is “Trumpism” Really “Bircherism”?

So sad about the little boy who voted Trump and what his mother did, he will remember that moment for life…knowing he had no-one close that believed in him. A mothers role carrys a strong responsibility and teaching their children to believe in themselves, this was so tragic for me to view…I hope she got investigated, it was just wrong. Great post, and yes our America is so divided, I pray Trump can bring about the healing, hes a good man.

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Trump Victory: Leftists Complain, “There are Two Americas Now”

Nov 22, 2016 by  Selwyn Duke

Trump’s Victory: Leftists Complain, “There are Two Americas Now”

“After Trump’s election: ‘There are two Americas now,’” reads the Washington Post headline. Interestingly, found elsewhere at the Post is the text of a 2004 DNC speech by then-vice-presidential nominee Senator John Edwards in which he stated that “we still live in a country where there are two different Americas” (emphasis added). So are “two Americas” something new or something old — or something seldom correctly told?

The Post writes of the apparent division in the wake of Donald Trump’s election victory, citing a variety of perspectives. One man insisted the division was an illusion “manufactured” by the media but then, contradictorily, blamed Hillary Clinton’s deplorable “deplorables” rhetoric. Others, of course, put the onus on Trump, ignoring that it takes two to tango. If everyone agreed with the president-elect, there wouldn’t be division, would there?…

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