VIDEO Principles for Governing – The True Story Of Thanksgiving

Reclaim Our Republic

Principles for Governing

Nov 22, 2016 By Ken Blackwell

Washington D.C. (AP Photo/J. David Ake)

Against the odds, and most pundits’ predictions, Donald Trump has been elected president. His opponents prematurely popped champagne corks. He’s now making appointments and setting policies.

He’s not alone. The Republican Party dominates state government as well, holding most of the governorships and legislatures. In half the states the GOP holds a “trifecta,” both houses of the legislature and the executive. It is time for Republicans to govern.

To start, those elected must never forget where their authority comes from: the Constitution and the people. Public officials are chosen to represent the rest of us and must act in accordance with the nation’s fundamental laws. Those who hold office are not free agents, chosen to implement the latest fashionable social theories in academia. Those who don’t like a law should work to change it, not…

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