ALERT – 31 States Rise Up, DEFY Obama In Final Humiliation of His Presidency

Most of America has never liked the fact that Middle Eastern refugees have been pouring into this country and we are finally standing up to Obama on the issue.

By refusing to let Syrian refugees past their border, 31 states have defied Obama. This shouldn’t be a shock, considering America has watched Europe cripple under the weight of these refugees. (via CNN)

Out of these states, 26 of them have Republican leadership. The conservatives are very aware of the negative impacts that these Middle Eastern migrants have had on other countries, and they don’t want their state to end up the same way.

The states are from all corners of our country. Some are from south, like Alabama and Georgia and Texas, there’s states more towards the west like Arizona, and even northern states like New Hampshire, Maine, Michigan, and Illinois.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) stated, “Defeating ISIS involves projecting American ideals to the world. Governors who reject those fleeing war and persecution abandon our ideals and instead project our fears to the world.”

But this is rather ironic since CAIR has known ties to terrorist organizations, they want these refugees in America because of the terrorism that they intend to inflict on this country. They’re bringing their “war and persecution” and echoing it onto the American people.

As much as Obama refuses to admit it, there have been successful Islamic terrorist attacks on this nation during his presidency. The refugees in this country have only made these events more common, just as they have increased in Europe.

Although the states cannot stop the federal government from pushing these refugees into their borders, they can make it as difficult as possible and refuse to co-operate.

I’m sure Obama isn’t pleased about this, as it amounts to the states refusing to accept his vision of our country. The American people understand that Syria is a war-torn country and that their people are suffering, but bringing them here is not going to help matters.

Because we cannot properly vet these people, Islamic terrorists can just mill in with the rest of the refugees and inflict their hateful mindset on many more people. This is the goal of organizations like ISIS, to infiltrate our borders and destroy us.

When America went through the Civil War, foreign influence was minimal. Europe did send supplies to the Confederacy, but that was about it. They did not bring the unsuccessful people of the South over to England to live, they let America solve their own problems.

But now, that same mentality is “horrible” and “heartless” to liberals, so the American people are forced to make room for people who hate Americans and whose religion preaches for their followers to kill those who refuse to worship Allah. And the Democrats wonder why we don’t want them in our states? Is this a trick question?

ALERT – 31 States Rise Up, DEFY Obama In Final Humiliation of His Presidency

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