VIDEO Anti-Trump Demonstrations Prearranged Prepaid, Predictable – Soros Group Paid For Berkley Riots

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People have complained about gridlock in Washington for years. What is coming is complete paralysis.

Anti-Trump Demonstrations Prearranged Prepaid and Predictable

Feb 3, 2017 By Dr. Robert R. Owens

Just look at the hysterical reaction to President Trump’s long anticipated executive order to limit the admission of refugees from seven countries.

How do leaders in Muslim countries see it?  According to United Arab Emirates Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed, “The vast majority of Muslims and Muslim countries have not been affected by this ban.  This is a temporary ban that will be reviewed within three months. It’s important to take these points into account.”

If it was about religion, why then were not most populous Muslim nations Indonesia, India, Pakistan and Egypt included?

For one thing except in the case of Syria, where a long civil war has made vetting all but impossible, this is a temporary ban of…

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