Liberal Teacher Takes In Muslim Refugee For A Few Nights, Then Co-Worker Walks In On SICK Surprise

Operating on the “open doors” idea to look far more compassionate than conservatives, a liberal professor decided to take in a Muslim refugee to feed and house him. The teacher was under the belief that these people were just seeking a better life and anyone who thought something different was a bigot. When the leftist didn’t show up for work one day, his colleague went to his home to investigate why and walking in on a wretched surprise of what “multiculturalism” gets you.

After an influx of asylum-seekers flooded Europe, the high school math teacher, 55-year-old Mehdi Hushmand, who also happens to be a migrant Iran, became an active part of the refugee movement in his town of Celle, Germany, volunteering at every chance he could. This led oto the opportunity to get more personally involved, by opening up his home to one of the Muslim males in his program and showing him some hospitality, while proving to the rest of the world that refugees are good people.

Mehdi was a couple into his sleepover situation with this Muslim refugee when he failed to show up for work, Celle Heute reports. This wasn’t characteristic of the dedicated teacher who never missed a day, so his concerned colleague stopped by his house to check on him after work last February. After his knocks went unanswered, the acquaintance let himself inside where he found what appeared to be a trail of blood leading down into the basement. The grisly trail led him down the stairs to Mehdi’s butchered body left in a pool of his own blood.

The traumatized teacher called for help for his murdered friend, but it was too late. Police determined that the 58-year-old unidentified asylum-seeker had gotten in an argument with the “tolerant” good Samaritan over a simple disagreement of opinions. This reportedly led the refugee to settle their differences in the only way he knows how. Bild reports that using a rock and a metal object, the refugee bashed the teacher’s head in and didn’t stop until he was dead. In hopes of disguising the heinous crime, he hauled Mehdi’s body to down the basement.

The Muslim murderer was eventually found and arrested, but German investigators initially refused to release key details about him as to protect the refugee propaganda that Mehdi bought into and they still want to perpetuate. This teacher’s compassion is what got him killed, along with the liberal agenda that made him believe that Islam is a peaceful religion and refugees from Sharia countries are “safe.”

This murder wasn’t an isolated incident, it’s one of many heinous acts committed by Muslim refugees from one of the seven countries in President Trump’s travel ban for this very reason. Liberals are committing dangerous emotional abuse to perpetuate their agenda and put the Western world in harm while attempting to discredit our brave leader as a bigot.

Liberal Teacher Takes In Muslim Refugee For A Few Nights, Then Co-Worker Walks In On SICK Surprise

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