VIDEO Trump seizes on omission in court’s travel ban ruling, plots next move – Napolitano ‘Intellectually dishonest’ Ruling

This should not even happened! If this is how our Courts are, not Respecting the Rights of American Citizens and refusing to uphold a Direct Presidential Order, we should find a way to Defund and Impeach everyone who serves in any Judicial Process. These Judges are Corrupt!

Reclaim Our Republic


Feb 10, 2017  By Judson Berger

President Trump got to work early Friday picking apart a federal court’s decision not to reinstate his controversial travel ban, noting that the detailed 29-page order did not include one mention of the statute he claims gives him broad authority on immigration.

“A disgraceful decision!” Trump tweeted, while quoting an analyst who flagged the omission in a Lawfare blog post.

The writer, Brookings fellow and Lawfare editor-in-chief Benjamin Wittes, had noted the order skipped over a key part of the U.S. code on “inadmissible aliens” which Trump had publicly recited on Wednesday in defense of his immigration restrictions.


The statute reads in part: “Whenever the President finds that the…

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