Trump’s Top Immigration Expert Make NBC Reporter Speechless With One Sentence

Donald Trump was down in Mar a Lago this week meeting with the Japaneese Prime Minister, so he sent out a leading advisor to make the significant Sunday TV interview. (via Subject Politics)

If you have never come across Stephen Miller previously, you will after his fantastic beat down of NBC’s Chuck Todd last night. Trump even applauded him on Twitter straight after the interview.


Here’s what happened. Naturally, Chuck Todd started indicating Trump’s travel ban is racist, and unlawful. But Chuck Todd didn’t realize Stephen Miller is not just a spokesperson … He is Trump’s best expert on immigration, and knows far more about that problem than anyone else in Washington DC.

See Listed below as Stephen Miller’s brilliant response makes Chuck Todd speechless on Live TV !

Shortly after Chuck got humiliated on the refugee questions, he asked Miller about immigration more usually, and this was Stephen Miller’s answer:

CHUCK TODD: Well, Let me go to the issue OF immigration as a whole. Do you believe There’s too much legal immigration in this country?

STEPHEN MILLER: I believe that we should have a program in which American workers are given jobs first. The President campaigned on this.

The problem is and the way the media covers this issue, Present Company excluded, is they don’t spend enough time talking about the well-being the 300 million people here today. U.S. Citizens and legal permanent residents, many of whom are living in poverti, many of whom haven’t seen wage growth in 20, 30 years.


Trump’s Top Immigration Expert Make NBC Reporter Speechless With One Sentence

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