Sanders’ DACA CIVICS LESSON For LIBTARDS – Congress Legislates, Not The President

Posted on September 6, 2017 by 


Rather than stating the stark reality many of us wish President Trump would state to the border jumper families and other illegals that they don’t belong here and we Americans don’t want them here, the White House is simply putting the responsibility where it belongs and letting the feckless Congress fight their own battle.

After 8 years of a pretend ‘president’ who dictated as if he were a king, it’s a little tough for the liberal media propagandists to recognize that it is the function of Congress to write laws.

They seem to think that because Hussein Obama was an authoritarian dictator that our system of government is now forever changed. Sarah Huckabee Sanders educates the uniformed members of the press as to what the Constitution says about that.

The libtard, who sounds like he’s a very sweet boy, tells Sanders he’s not sure if Congress can take get the job of “comprehensive amnesty” done in a span of six months, given their track record. He asks what gives President Trump the confidence that Congress will be able to act, and if he’s spoken to any Congressional leaders.

She replies, “He’s spoken to a number of leaders but hopefully, as you guys all know, they just came back from a three week vacation. I think that they should be rested and ready to take on some big challenges that America faces.”

Obviously now accustomed to the dictatorship of the past eight years, he asks, “Why put the fate of the lives of 800,000 ‘DREAMers’ people in…”

She cuts him off, saying, “Because it’s Congress’ job to legislate. It’s not the President’s job to create law. It’s Congress’ job to create legislation, I think that’s something we all learned in eighth grade civics. I know I certainly did. And I think that every member of Congress should know that that is their duty and we’re asking them to fulfill it. [or not] It’s pretty simple.”

She lays it on a little thicker, probably too thick, saying, “I think the American people elected them to do it.” No, Sarah, we elected them to get our country rolling again after the Obama nightmare. That includes getting the illegals out of here. It does not include fabricating a surrender to the Democrats and letting them stay under a label of comprehensive reform or amnesty.

Sanders adds, “And again if they can’t, then they should get out of the way and let somebody else take their job that can actually get something done.”

Start with Speaker Ryan and Majority “for now” Leader McConnell, voters of America.


Sanders’ DACA CIVICS LESSON For LIBTARDS – Congress Legislates, Not The President


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