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Nationalize Twitter

Twitter is a highly popular social media platform primarily used by brands and celebrities to engage with their customers. It is also a widely utilized method of communication between other sorts of content creators and their audiences. Twitter is how information travels in 140 characters; it dominates that space, of sending short bits of sharable text out for consumption on the entire Internet. No other platform provides a close alternative with a comparable userbase.

Thus when Twitter—which bills itself as a free speech promoter—arbitrarily bans high profile users from the platform without any transparency despite having allowed their presence for months and even years, it is questionable. It is questionable that MIT-cited election influencer Ricky Vaughn was banned from Twitter, despite being in the same impressions bracket as Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). It is questionable that Richard Spencer, a verified user with no notable history of Terms of Service violations was banned, along with the accounts of his organizations.

But what isn’t all that questionable is what the root of the  Alt-Right purge is, an imperative to no-platform White nationalists and other heretics. Now, your first instinct—and that of many people both left and right—might be to say that Twitter is a corporation and therefore not required to uphold the first amendment. You don’t have the right to speak your mind on Twitter; you have the right to not be locked up for it by the government. That’s true, but it’s also not in the Alt-Right’s interest to be banned from Twitter for political speech, as Twitter is an important front in the meme war.

In many ways, being anti-speech goes against the ethos of the United States. And so Twitter, by banning people who have heretical opinions, also goes against that ethos. But no one really believes in that anymore, or not as widely as they used to. Appeals to “American values” are as caustically cynical as they come. Case in point: those who decried Trump as anti-American and aberrational now torch American flags in demonstration against him and wave the Mexican tricolor. So much for that.

But back to Twitter. To be excluded from the corporate-owned virtual public square is de factoexclusion from the public square itself. And that is precisely what goes against the customs of the American people. Twitter is so massive and unrivaled as to be a utility company more than anything else, and by banning people for political speech it effectively violates their right to participate in the public space.

Or something. The point is, we just had an election where social media dominated traditional media, and Twitter wants to ban nationalists from participating in it. We must oppose this and propose alternatives, and the best alternative is to nationalize the platform. The government already collects all your data anyway and can request it be turned over from a third party if they want it, so really what is the financially slumping, publicly-traded Twitter even in business for? Getting people to click sponsored content?

Nationalize the damn thing. It would be in the Alt-Right’s best interest to have a “right” to use Twitter. You people like rights don’t you?

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Trump Wins, the Fight for Change Begins 


Now that Donald Trump has won the race for the presidency, he must deliver policies that reflect the populist, anti-globalization feeling which propelled his campaign.

While progressives and Establishment Republicans are quick to dismiss Trump as a man who merely exploited Americans’ ugliest instincts, that dismissal is a serious mistake. Trump tapped into a groundswell of anti-globalization and anti-mass migration feeling that is rising across the U.S. and Europe.

“People really have had enough of the continued failure of a professional career political class who appear to be in it just for themselves, and almost devoid of principles or philosophy.”

“What Trump represents following hard on the heels of Brexit is pro-nation-state democracy, pro-border controls, and sensible immigration policies, and pro-standing up for our culture against the threat of Islamic terrorism,” former UKIP leader Nigel Farage told LifeZette in an exclusive interview.

“I’ve been coming back and forth to America regularly and talking to just huge numbers of people while I’m there and I think the crossover between the mood of our voters in June and the mood of the Donald’s voters now is astonishing,” he said.

“The rational, patriotic, and conservative voices of ordinary people, long suppressed, have once again found utterance in the wake of Brexit and Trump,” said Benjamin Harris-Quinney, chairman of the Bow Group, the U.K.’s oldest conservative think tank.

Harris-Quinney said the post-Trump victory era “will no longer be restrained by PC censorship and faux cries of ‘racism,’ ‘sexism,’ ‘homophobia,’ — and truth has the chance to flourish in the space that has been created.”

It’s not just happening in Britain and the U.S. In France, Marine Le Pen’s Front National is leading the polls heading into the 2017 elections. A poll released last week showed that nearly a full third of Frenchmen — 31 percent — think Le Pen’s hard-line stance on Islam would make the country safer.

In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders and his Party for Freedom are also leading the polls, a result mainly of their anti-Islamic immigration, anti-E.U. platform. Countries such as Hungary and Poland have governments led by national conservative political parties, and in many other countries across Europe, from Switzerland to Scandinavia, right-wing nationalist and populist parties are making substantial gains.

The U.S. political Establishment needs to come to terms with this new reality. The fight for these policies is what motivated voters to vote for Trump in droves, and they will surely hold Trump’s feet to the fire on those issues.

“If something is a pure protest, it isn’t a big enough motivation to get people to go to the polling stations in significant numbers,” Farage said. “There has to be a positive feeling that this is about change, this is about a radical change of direction that will be for the better,” he explained.

“I think too often people who vote for me, for Brexit, for Trump — they’re labeled as being ‘antis,’ they’re labeled as being negatives,” Farage said. “Actually when you poll these people you find, yes, of course they’re unhappy with the way things are but they’re voting for these new phenomena because they see in what’s being offered to them positive policy solutions.” Trump must do his utmost to get Congress to deliver those policy solutions.

People across the West are fed up with the erosion of the middle class that goes hand in hand with globalization, they are fed up with foreign wars, they are fed up with mass migration that threatens both their national security and their national identity, and they are fed up with an oppressive political correctness that stifles free speech and their ability to protest these things.

“People really have had enough of the continued failure of a professional career political class who appear to be in it just for themselves, and almost devoid of principles or philosophy,” Farage said. Trump must follow through on his America First message.

“Either this win takes over the Republican Party or you will see for the first time in a very long while a genuine attempt at a third party in American politics,” Farage predicted.

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The unthinkable – an internet controlled and operated by the United Nations.

If the U.N. INTERNET TAKE OVER happens it could change the Internet and our world as we know it. When Obama was president, he announced publicly the plan to give up U.S. protection of the internet – he also promised the United Nations would never take control. But if the U.S. gives up internet protections, the likely result could be the U.N. taking control of the internet under the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) on September 30.

What would the implications be of a takeover of the World Wide Web by the United Nations under ICANN?

Censorship galore. Think communist China – so called “conspiracy theories” and unfavorable opinions would cease to exist. Calling George Soros an evil bastard would not be possible.

Indeed, with all the funding Soros gives to “globalism” to destabilize countries in favor of international governing rackets, the U.N. would certainly protect their sugar daddy the way CNN protects Hillary Clinton.

Speaking of Soros, he has his ugly crinkly hands all over this issue – a leaked document by DCLeaks shows that Soros’s Open Society Foundation called for regulating the internet to favor it’s supporters. Maybe the “Open Society Foundation” should change it’s name to the Censored Society Foundation because such a proposal is ludicrous.

From the Daily Caller –

An internal proposed strategy from George Soros’s Open Society Justice Initiative calls for international regulation of private actors’ decisions on “what information is taken off the Internet and what may remain.” Those regulations, the document notes, should favor “those most supportive of open society.”

“Our freedom of expression work furthers the free exchange of information and ideas via the media and internet, and proposes to begin to address the free expression and association rights of NGOs. The internet has been a key tool for promoting freedom of expression and open societies — as in the Arab Spring — and is a potential safeguard against monopoly control of information in such places as China and Central Asia”

“But it is also presenting underaddressed challenges, including lack of regulation of private operators that are able to decide, without due process procedures, what information is taken off the Internet and what may remain. A ‘race to the bottom’ results from the agendas of undemocratic governments that seek to impose their hostility to free speech on the general online environment. We seek to ensure that, from among the norms emerging in different parts of the world, those most supportive of open society gain sway.”
~Open Society Foundation Document.

Without the U.S. contract allowing ICANN to keep it’s anti-trust exemption, ICANN would seek to be overseen by another government group.

Already, authoritarian regimes have proposed that ICANN become another arm of the U.N. to make it easier for these regimes to censor the internet globally.

There is still some time for Congress and We The People to come together and fight back – demand our legislators vote and prevent the Obama administration from giving up protection of the internet.

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Daily Audio News from Breitbart

The Liberal Progressive Democrats and Muslim Refugees coming into our America are the Hateful Violent Racist ones! This is a very good News session depicting on whats really going on out there.  I dont trust the majority of the Mainstream media but I use to trust Fox News which sadly has gone down the toilet with the Globalists agenda. I’ve been feeling like Trump is feeling like he is losing the Battle for us against all the Corrupt Politicians and World Leaders based on the fact of his recent statement that he may lose to Hillary but am praying he throws himself in the ring all the more fiercer. We cannot lose this election, we cannot give up the liberties of Conscious and our God given….not man given, rights to life, liberty and success. I will not hide my Bible around a Muslim either! I will not deny God or my faith because it offends them!  They need to leave if our way of life offends them! We need to invest not only our time, but whatever money we can donate to help Trump out. Hes our last hope!

Kim Kjaer July 18 News – YouTube

This man is reporting some news regarding Russia and the Religeous law Putin signed, along with freedom of conscious, Speech, and Civil rights. With that said we are losing not only our freedoms but our God given rights to worship God, just as He was from the beginning. We are on shakey ground where our religeous liberties are concerned.


U.S. Tech Giants Join EU to Censor the Internet

The world’s biggest technology companies joined with the European Union to censor the Internet, announcing this week an online “Code of Conduct” that will be used to remove and prosecute “illegal” speech, while promoting government propaganda. Everything from the Christian Bible and the Islamic Koran to criticism of Islam or concerns about uncontrolled immigration could fall under the vague new censorship rules. Alongside the censorship and propaganda, the EU touted “a robust system of enforcement” to effectively apply “criminal sanctions against the individual perpetrators” of illegal speech. Critics, though, are speaking out, warning of the Orwellian implications of having an unelected and unaccountable super-state attempting to overturn centuries of protections for civil liberties that are at the core of Western civilization.

Despite being based in the United States, where the inalienable, God-given right to free speech is protected by the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment, all of the big American Internet giants will be participating in the newly announced war against free speech online. Among the participating firms are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (owned by Google), Microsoft, and more. “The IT Companies support the European Commission and EU Member States in the effort to respond to the challenge of ensuring that online platforms do not offer opportunities for illegal online hate speech to spread virally,” said a statement by the unelected EU Commission, which acts as a legislative and executive branch but is not accountable to citizens or nation states. It promised vigorous censorship, criminal penalties, and lots of government propaganda.

online hate speech to spread virally,” said a statement by the unelected EU Commission, which acts as a legislative and executive branch but is not accountable to citizens or nation states. It promised vigorous censorship, criminal penalties, and lots of government propaganda.

Of course, the EU Big Brother and its Big Business crony partners claim the censorship will only apply to what European governments deem “illegal hate speech,” a concept introduced to the world by the mass-murdering regime ruling the old Soviet Union in its fanatical efforts to silence dissent against communism. But today, the prohibitions are even broader. More than a few EU governments have already shown conclusively that they consider, among other speech, biblical texts, speeches by giants of Western history, and more to be “illegal hate speech.” In the United Kingdom, for example, a politician was arrested for quoting former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s views on Islam. In Germany, critics of Islamic immigration recently had their apartments raided by police for expressing their views on social media. In multiple European countries, Christian pastors have literally been thrown in jail and even convicted of “hate speech” for arguing that homosexuality is a sin. And it’s getting more and more extreme.

In 2003 in Sweden, after the speech code was expanded to criminalize the traditional view of homosexuality, the “Chancellor of Justice” even investigated the Bible. The conclusion of the “investigation” of God’s Word was posted online. It has since been removed from the government’s website — though after this writer first wrote about it. But the official comments did not completely disappear down the “memory hole.” The book The Madhouse by Swedish author Daniel Hammarberg, which first brought the scandal to light outside of Sweden, contains the original text of the chancellor’s ruling.

The “justice” official barely bothered to beat around the bush. “Does the Bible contain agitation against homosexuals? There exist statements in the Bible whose content in themselves are such that the statements, were they to be viewed in isolation, could be considered to include agitation against homosexuals [criminalized hate speech],” the bureaucrat claimed, citing a range of passages from the old and new testaments expressing God’s view of homosexual acts. “It could be considered agitation against homosexuals if the statements were raised today and expressly cited in a derogatory manner against a homosexual lifestyle.” And it has been.

The Bible, in other words, could be considered hate speech under Swedish speech regulations. However, the bureaucrat was kind enough to say that, if God’s Word were to be changed or rewritten, it could be made compliant with Sweden’s perpetually expanding list of criminal speech — if it were done correctly. The wrong changes might justify banning the Bible. “I would like to point out that certain changes in the texts could lead to another position,” the Swedish chancellor of justice noted in the ruling on the Bible, adding that the office was limiting its probe to current official translations of the Bible into Swedish.

Source: U.S. Tech Giants Join EU to Censor the Internet