VIDEO Wake Up America! – FBI Sweep US Media In Terror Trump To Jail Leaking Reporters – Dem Nat Security Scandal

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Trump warns leakers as war
with intel community escalates 

FBI Sweep Puts US Media In Terror As Trump Prepares To Jail Leaking Reporters

Feb 15, 2017 By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An absorbing Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that a clear example of “if one gives someone enough freedom of action, they may destroy themselves by foolish actions” is now playing out in the United States after the US Department of Justice (DOJ), during the past 24 hours, unleashed 23 specialized teams of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents to the homes of many of America’s top journalists.

In preparation for the Trump Administration to begin jailing many of these reporters for their violation of 18 § 798 of the U.S. Code: Disclosure Of Classified Information that, in part…

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CNN’s Ratings Continue to TANK as Trump Supporters Boycott the Dishonest “News” Channel – TruthFeed

CNN’s Ratings Continue to TANK as Trump Supporters Boycott the Dishonest “News” Channel

CNN needs to have a “Come to Jesus” moment….Soon.

They’re tanking in the ratings, after being exposed (over and over) in the Wikileaks emails for colluding with the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Not to mention, helping Hillary CHEAT against Bernie in the debates.

CNN went “the full monty” in their shilling for Hillary – in their defense, so did most of our North Korea-style, government-run propaganda media, however, CNN took it to shameless levels no one ever thought possible.

Remember when idiot Chris Cuomo tried to tell America that it was ILLEGAL to read the Wikileaks emails?

These people are absolute idiots and now they are faced with the reality of “President Trump” and the realization that they’re irrelevant.


Fox News Channel finished No. 1 in all of basic cable in both primetime and total day viewers for the week of Aug. 1, while MSNBC beat CNN for the 11th time in 2016.

Fox News has been the highest-rated network during primetime in eight of the past nine weeks and has won the total-day crown for six straight weeks. The network averaged 2.3 million viewers in primetime and 1.3 million viewers in total day last week.

MSNBC finished No. 6 in primetime and No. 8 in total day, while CNN finished No. 9 in primetime and No. 10 in total day. MSNBC’s second-place finish is notable, as CNN won the primetime demo for the entire month of July. Last week, MSNBC averaged 1.22 million primetime viewers compared to 986,000 for CNN.

USA, HGTV, TBS and The History Channel round out the top five networks in primetime. Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and Nick At Nite join Fox News in the total day top five.

The season finale of “Legends & Lies: The Patriots,” which examined the famous duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, aired on Sunday night. The show averaged 1.7 million viewers, up 35 percent from Season 1, throughout it’s nine-week run.

Fox News is on track to have its highest-rated year ever and July was the network’s fifth-highest-rated month ever. Among all cable news networks, Fox News had the top 11 programs in total viewers and seven out of the top 10 in the demo last month.

Source: CNN’s Ratings Continue to TANK as Trump Supporters Boycott the Dishonest “News” Channel – TruthFeed

The Public Brainwashing Service Indoctrinates Kids: Love Open Borders, Hate Donald Trump

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Sept 16, 2016 by Mark Tapson

San Francisco PBS affiliate KQED is offering a Common Core-ready lesson plan designed for public school teachers who want to indoctrinate — er, teach students to embrace the idea of open borders and to reject sensible immigration restrictions, such as those proposed by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, as an intolerant, bigoted, “fear of foreigners.”

As The Daily Caller reports, the lesson plan — which comes complete with “safe space” suggestions, naturally — is offered by way of a section of the taxpayer-funded television station’s website called “The Lowdown” (“connecting newsroom to classroom”).

The lesson released this week centers on a graphic comic titled Fear of Foreigners: A History of Nativism in America. We think you can already see where this is going. The first of its 12 pages is shown above. The Daily Caller has more details:

“Students read and annotate the graphic,”…

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VIDEO Trump, NRA form tight alliance – CNN Lies – Squawkbox, Hewitt , Homebuilder Speaches

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Trump, NRA form tight alliance

Getty Images

Donald Trump and the National Rifle Association have formed a tight alliance.

Even as high-profile Republicans distance themselves from their presidential nominee, the NRA is sticking its neck out for Trump.

It did so most recently on Tuesday, defending Trump after he made a remark about “Second Amendment people” taking action against Hillary Clinton.

While critics accused Trump of inciting violence, NRA spokeswoman Jennifer Baker told The Boston Globe that Trump’s comment was only a “call to action for people who care about this issue to get to the polls.”

“There is something Second Amendment supporters can do,” Baker told the Globe. “All Americans who value their individual right to self protection must vote for Donald Trump and defeat Hillary Clinton.”

Trump and the NRA have been tight since May, when the gun rights group, known as the…

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Good for him!!

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Donald Trump rally attendee calls out propagandists covering event

Tim Hains | Real Clear PoliticsAUGUST 12, 2016

Noah Gray, a CNN producer covering the Trump campaign rally Thursday in Kissimmee, FL, uploaded this video to Twitter showing a Donald Trump rally attendee shouting at journalists covering the event. “Go home!” he said. “You are traitors! I am an American Patriot!”

“To be clear, the man came up to me as a was typing & said what I put in quotes, and then I started filming him & his interactions w/press,” Gray Tweeted later in the evening.


The Trump campaign tweeted about their rally audiences Friday morning:


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VIDEO RINO Traitors Letter Try to Throw Election – Trump Fights Back – Dan Rather: Publicly Shame

All the Republicans who did this took a solomn Oath to support the Nominee and they went back on that! Thus they are nothing more than empty shills, not to be trusted again ever! Donald Trump was and is not, nor ever had been wrong here!

Reclaim Our Republic

Fifty RINO Traitors sign a Letter Trying to Throw Election…Frank says: KISS OFF…


Aug 9, 2016

Some Republicans are Bent on Destroying the Party…

Fifty Republicans have signed a letter concerning Mr. Trump, stating in part that he “lacks the character, values and experience” to be president. Please, Republican “National Security Officials”…SHUT UP! If you don’t care for Donald Trump, don’t vote for him. These “officials” are trying to influence an election and get the democrat Clinton in office, and there is no excuse for such an action.

Trump is the candidate of the citizens, not the slimy elitists who condescendingly lecture us about “who we are” or “who we ain’t,” while they defy us, the U.S. Constitution, and GOD with their imbecilic actions that have just about destroyed this nation we love.

Let me make this clear to the Republican establishment and the dimocrats…THIS IS OUR NATION!!! The Republican…

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Daily Audio News from Breitbart

The Liberal Progressive Democrats and Muslim Refugees coming into our America are the Hateful Violent Racist ones! This is a very good News session depicting on whats really going on out there.  I dont trust the majority of the Mainstream media but I use to trust Fox News which sadly has gone down the toilet with the Globalists agenda. I’ve been feeling like Trump is feeling like he is losing the Battle for us against all the Corrupt Politicians and World Leaders based on the fact of his recent statement that he may lose to Hillary but am praying he throws himself in the ring all the more fiercer. We cannot lose this election, we cannot give up the liberties of Conscious and our God given….not man given, rights to life, liberty and success. I will not hide my Bible around a Muslim either! I will not deny God or my faith because it offends them!  They need to leave if our way of life offends them! We need to invest not only our time, but whatever money we can donate to help Trump out. Hes our last hope!


Bought and paid for, compliments of the Corrupt Globalists!

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Clinton’s Leftmedia Enablers

Pre-vetted softball questions from friendly reporters is all she gets.


Seven months after her last press conference, Hillary Clinton finally appeared before journalists last Friday. But they weren’t just any journalists. Clinton took softball questions from the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) — two ethnic groups that are generally friendly to her. And part of a Leftmedia that is veryfriendly to her. But a campaign stump speech at a minority journalist organizations’ convention, with attendance limited only to members of those organizations asking only pre-vetted questions, does not a press conference make.

What kind of softball questions? For example, Clinton was asked to recall the “most meaningful conversation” she has had “with an African-American friend.” Now if it had included a reference to classified information sent over an unsecured private server, we might have…

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