VIDEO A March For Life And Counter Protest, When Blessing Clash With Cursings

So saddening and utterly disgusting how those young girls were just spewing out hate and vile words! No respect for their Elders and no thankfulness their own mothers didnt abort them! This is the world we live in and its not just about a divided Nation, its about the rise of evil and God said it would be this way before He comes! 2 Timothy 3New International Version (NIV)

3 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

6 They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over gullible women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires, 7 always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth. 8 Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so also these teachers oppose the truth. They are men of depraved minds, who, as far as the faith is concerned, are rejected. 9 But they will not get very far because, as in the case of those men, their folly will be clear to everyone.

Reclaim Our Republic

Choose life

Feb 4, 2017 by Tami Jackson

Norman Rockwell painted Americana at it’s best — comforting scenes of extended family praying before meals, little boys getting their first haircuts at the neighborhood barber shop, boy scouts listening to a scout leader. Rockwell’s drawings and paintings were for art what The Waltons, Leave It to Beaver and Ozzie and Harriet were for TV.

That slice of America, full of love and family, manners, faith and tradition, is being erased by something sinister, something often unnoticed, invisible.

Paul warned the Ephesians:

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

So many Christians in America believe the Bible, and believe the verse from Ephesians, but only in a hypothetical, rather than experiential way. Sure there is good and evil, right and wrong. That’s no…

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What We Deal with on Daily Basis Still

Because We Stand with Trump. These are not Protests nor Protesters. They are Domestic Terrorists and the Illegals who participated in this violence should be deported and any American Citizen who participated in the Violence should be Imprisoned! These people need to learn, with whatever laws can be enforced to stop this, that Violence will get them nowhere, nor be tolerated, in any way shape or form,  and that our laws, our Democracy will be re-instated. Ve Con Dios!


Has the Trumpian Revolution begun


Editor: Vladimir Bajic | Tactical Investor

Before we get to the article at hand many might ask why we cover political and health issues when our main focus in the stock markets and the financial arena.  The short and simple answer is that all these fields are connected; we don’t have free market forces anymore. Everything is manipulated; from the food, you eat to data you are provided.

 If you are aware of this you can plan accordingly. Identifying the problem is over 80% of the solution and this is why most people don’t know what to do because they don’t really understand the problem. Now you know why we are the only financial website that covers such a wide array of topics that on the surface appear to be unrelated but are in fact, deeply interwoven.  Mass psychology is a very powerful tool and if employed correctly can help you spot the grotesque levels of manipulation the masses are subjected to. We strongly suggest that you view or read or view Plato’s allegory of the cave.  You might also find the following article to be of interest:

Inflation, according to Merriam-Webster online dictionary is defined as follows: a continuing rise in the general price level usually attributed to an increase in the volume of money and credit relative to available goods and services

We all pretty much have felt the effects of inflation in one form or another. However, economists and the central bankers chose to define inflation as an increase in the price of goods. This is an ingenious way to hide what they are doing as the real definition of inflation is an increase in the supply of money. If they can inflate the money supply and control the cost of some goods, to create the illusion that all is well. Then they have more or less won as the average person has come to associate inflation in terms of rising prices. Inflation the Silent Killer Tax that’s destroying Middle Class America


December 8, 2016

Patrick J. Buchanan
Posted with permission from WND

The wailing and keening over the choice of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the EPA appears to be a lead indicator of a coming revolution far beyond Reagan’s.

“Trump Taps Climate Skeptic For Top Environmental Post,” said the Wall Street Journal. “Climate Change Denial,” bawled a disbelieving New York Times, which urged the Senate to put Pruitt in a “dust bin.”

Clearly, though his victory was narrow, Donald Trump remains contemptuous of political correctness and defiant of liberal ideology.

For environmentalism, as conservative scholar Robert Nisbet wrote in 1982, is more than the “most important social movement” of the 20th century. It is a militant and dogmatic faith that burns heretics.

“Environmentalism is well on its way to becoming the third great wave of redemptive struggle in Western history,” wrote Nisbet, “the first being Christianity, the second modern socialism.” In picking a “climate denier” to head EPA, Trump is rejecting revealed truth.

Yet, as with his choices of Steve Bannon as White House strategist and Sen. Jeff Sessions as attorney general, he has shown himself to be an unapologetic apostate to liberal orthodoxy.

Indeed, with his presidency, we may be entering a post-liberal era.

In 1950, literary critic Lionel Trilling wrote, “In the United States at this time liberalism is not only the dominant but even the sole intellectual tradition. For it is the plain fact that nowadays there are no conservative or reactionary ideas in general circulation.”

The rise of the conservative movement of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan revealed liberalism’s hour to be but a passing moment. Yet, today, something far beyond conservatism seems to be afoot.

As Hegel taught, in the dialectic of history the thesis calls into existence the antithesis. What we seem to be seeing is a rejection, and a counter-reformation against the views and values that came out of the social and political revolutions of the 1960s.

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Consider the settled doctrine Trump disrespected with Pruitt.

We have long been instructed that climate change is real, that its cause is man-made, that it imperils the planet with rising seas, hurricanes and storms, that all nations have a duty to curb the release of carbon dioxide to save the world for future generations.

This is said to be “scientific truth,” and “climate deniers” are like people who believe the earth is flat and the sun revolves around it. Some hold the matter to be so grave that climate deniers should be censored for promoting socially destructive falsehoods.

Yet, the people remain skeptical.

Their worry is not that the rising waters of the Med will swamp the Riviera, but that tens of millions of Arabs, Muslims and Africans may be coming across to swamp Europe, and that millions of Mexicans may cross the Rio Grande to swamp the USA.

Call them climate deniers or climate skeptics, but they see the establishment as running the Big Con to effect a transfer of wealth and power away from the people – and to themselves.

Across the West, establishments have lost credibility.

The proliferation of minority parties, tearing off pieces of the traditional ruling parties, points to a growing distrust in ruling regimes and a return to identifying with the nation and tribe whence one came.

A concomitant of this is a growing disbelief in egalitarianism and in the equality of all races, creeds, nations, cultures and peoples.

The Supreme Court may say all religions are equal and all must be treated equally. But do Americans believe Christianity and Islam are equal? How could they, when Christians claim their faith has as its founder the Son of God and God himself?

After calling for a ban on Muslim immigration, Trump was elected president. After inviting a million refugees from Syria’s civil war into Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel admits having made a mistake and is now in favor of letting German cities and towns decide if women should be allowed to wear burqas.

A sea change in thought is taking place in the West.

Liberalism appears to be a dying faith. America’s elites may still preach their trinity of values: diversity, democracy, equality. But the majorities in America and Europe are demanding that the borders be secured and Third World immigrants kept out.

The next president disbelieves in free trade. He wants a border wall. He questions the wisdom of our Mideast wars and the need for NATO. He is contemptuous of democratist dogma that how other nations rule themselves is our business. He rejects transnationalism and globalism.

“There is no global anthem, no global currency, no certificate of global citizenship,” said Trump in Cincinnati, “We pledge allegiance to one flag, and that flag is the American flag. From now on, it’s going to be America first. … We’re going to put ourselves first.”

That’s not Adlai Stevenson or Jimmy Carter or Barack Obama.

Nothing seems settled or certain. All is in flux. But change is coming. “Things are in the saddle, and ride mankind.”

Has the Trumpian Revolution begun

Judge Jeanine: Entry to US is not a right for non-citizens

Judge Jeanine discusses President Trumps Travel Ban getting halted by Federal Judge


8 U.S. Code § 1182 – Inadmissible aliens



A federal district court judge in the state of Washington temporarily blocked the enforcement of President Trump’s “Executive Order: Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States” (Jan. 27, 2017). The executive order had suspended the admission refugees to the United States, including from Syria, and of non-U.S. resident travelers from seven majority Muslim countries considered prone to terrorism. U.S. District Judge James L. Robart, who acted last Friday in a case brought by the states of Washington and Minnesota, specified that his decision is to be implemented nationwide. In issuing his temporary restraining order, the judge found that the states had standing to bring the case, that they were likely to succeed on its merits, and that a temporary restraining order was in “the public interest.” Not surprisingly, President Trump tweeted his displeasure with Judge Robart’s decision.

President Trump has every right to be upset on the merits of Judge Robart’s action, even if his use of the phrase “so-called” in describing the judge may have been a tad over the top. Instead, President Trump might have used the words “irresponsible” or “reckless” in characterizing a decision that is a clear violation of the Constitution’s separation of powers and is potentially detrimental to national security.

Despite the president’s objections, the Trump administration appears to be complying with Judge Robart’s decision to date.  However the Department of Justice appealed to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to immediately reverse what Judge Robart had done and restore President Trump’s entry suspension order. The appeals court declined to do so right away. It set forth a briefing schedule calling for the plaintiffs to file their papers by 3am ET on Monday and for the Department of Justice to reply by 6pm ET.

President Trump acted well within his constitutional and statutory authority to issue his executive order. “The exclusion of aliens is a fundamental act of sovereignty,” the Supreme Court concluded in a 1950 case. “The right to do so stems not alone from legislative power, but is inherent in the executive power to control the foreign affairs of the nation. When Congress prescribes a procedure concerning the admissibility of aliens, it is not dealing alone with a legislative power. It is implementing an inherent executive power.”

Congress reaffirmed the president’s power with respect to decisions excluding aliens in the Immigration and Nationality Act (“INA”), which was originally enacted in 1952, and has been amended several times, including in 1996. The following language has remained intact: “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.” (8 U.S.C. § 1182(f)).

President Trump’s executive order, in the interest of protecting national security, directed changes to the policy and process of admitting non-citizens into the United States. It was intended to provide a period of review for relevant agencies to evaluate current procedures and to propose and implement new procedures. The purpose falls squarely within the president’s constitutional and statutory authority and responsibility, as stated in the executive order, “to ensure that those approved for admission do not intend to harm Americans and that they have no ties to terrorism.”

In order to allow the opportunity for appropriate review and proposal of changes to procedures for the protection of national security, the executive order suspended for 90 days entry of immigrants and non-immigrants from seven countries: Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. It suspended, for 120 days, the United States Refugee Admission Program, with the exception of Syria where the suspension is indefinite. After the refugee suspension ends, the Secretary of State will have the authority to prioritize applicants on the basis of religious-based persecution provided that the religion of the individual is a minority religion in the individual’s country of nationality.

While the affected countries are all Muslim majority countries, they represent only seven out of the 56 Muslim majority countries that belong to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Out of the ten countries with the largest Muslim population, only one country – Iran – is on the executive order’s list of seven. Non-Muslims as well as Muslims from the seven countries would be affected by the executive order. The countries themselves were selected on the basis of their being nurturing grounds for the export of terrorism, a perfectly rational basis to distinguish one country from another for the purposes of national security. No invidious discrimination is involved.

Nevertheless, without any legal analysis and lacking access to the kind of classified information on threats to national security that the president of the United States has at his disposal, Judge Robart took it upon himself to substitute his judgment for the president’s. The judge gave unwarranted deference to the speculative, vague interests asserted by the states of Washington and Minnesota, who claimed without any concrete evidence that the temporary suspension of entry of aliens from the seven countries “adversely affects” their own “States’ residents in areas of employment, education, business, family relations, and freedom to travel.” This preposterous conclusory assertion overlooks the fact that the affected individuals temporarily barred from entering the country are not residents of these states and are not entitled to the states’ protection. Moreover, the states are overlooking their responsibility to protect the safety of their actual residents, which the executive order is designed to assist in doing. The federal executive branch is charged with the responsibility for protecting all of the American people from national security threats, including but not limited to the people of Washington and Minnesota.

Judge Robart goes even further afield in giving deference to the states’ unsupported claim that the executive order would inflict damage on their own operations, tax base and public education system. Under this theory, individual states would have the right to challenge any federal policy decision on the basis of virtually any claim of possible harm to their states’ more parochial interests. The result would be to upend the relationship between the federal and state governments under our constitutional system. In any case, by declaring that his order would have to be implemented nationally, Judge Robart improperly imputed to the other 48 states the claims of the two states before him that are actually within his jurisdiction to adjudicate. Indeed, a federal district court in Massachusetts reached a contrary conclusion on the very same day that Judge Robart issued his decision. In a far more thorough opinion, the federal district court in Massachusetts determined that President Trump’s executive order was a lawful exercise of the political branches’ plenary control over the admission of aliens into the United States. There is no basis for disregarding this opinion and making Judge Robart’s scantily reasoned decision the law of the land nationwide.

During oral argument, Judge Robart said to the Department of Justice attorney, “You’re here arguing on behalf of someone who says we have to protect the US from these individuals coming from these countries, and there’s no support for that.” His observation, which he asserted without any proof on the record, is irrelevant. The countries were selected based on a list of “countries of concern” compiled previously by the Obama administration. They all have been proven unable to control both terrorism within their borders and the export of terrorism outside of their borders. President Trump had a rational basis for the selection of the countries subject to the temporary suspension. It is not within Judge Robart’s constitutional authority to substitute his judgment for the president’s on such matters of national security. He failed to meet the test he himself stated in his decision: “The role assigned to the court is not to create policy, and it is not to judge the wisdom of the policy created by the other two branches.”

As for those objecting to the prioritization of persecuted religious minorities for future refugee status, they may want to read the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, which describes exactly what those religious minorities are facing in Syria, Iraq and other parts of the Middle East and Africa today. Genocide is defined as any of a number of acts such as killing, causing serious bodily or mental harm or forcibly transferring children, “committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group.” Persecuted Christians in that part of the world surely fall into that category.

Moreover, a “refugee” is defined in the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees as “someone who is unable or unwilling to return to their country of origin owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion.” Does anyone seriously believe that Christians would be safe to return to countries such as Syria, Iraq or Libya today?

Judge Robart exceeded his judicial authority and has potentially put Americans at needless risk. If the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals does not promptly reverse his reckless decision, the Department of Justice will need to take this case directly to the Supreme Court.


Taxpayer-Funded Planned Parenthood Paying People $1600 Per Week to Protest Donald Trump

So so sad…I am Pro-Life, have heard how these babies are butchered, its just pure evil. I pray , I and others can be their voice once again

Reclaim Our Republic

hillary sanger abort planned p

Nov 17, 2016  by  KIRK WALDEN

Before we point fingers at those who are protesting the results of the most recent election, all of us in the pro-life community must begin with some reflection.

Eight years ago, when abortion-proponent Barack Obama won the White House, the pregnancy help community took our grievances to the streets. We smashed windows. We stopped traffic. We sought to overturn the results.

Ummm, no. We did not. In the days after the 2008 elections, we went back to work to serve those who needed us most. We had no time for “taking it to the streets” (with all due respect to the 1976 song by Michael McDonald and the Doobie Brothers).

Such is not the case for Planned Parenthood today. Apparently, the abortion giant has plenty of time on its hands, and plenty of money.

It seems Planned Parenthood’s Community Outreach Group was paying for protestors

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VIDEO MB Obama Incites Riots – Old Glory – A Harvard student’s open letter to delicate flowers of the Ivy League

I have only 4 Letters for the outgoing President “FOOL” This article shows just who is keeping the Division going in America and unfortunately after Obama leaves, we still have to put up with him through these people who sympathized with his ideoligies and allowed themselves to be brainwashed 😦

Reclaim Our Republic

A Harvard student’s open letter to the delicate flowers of the Ivy League

FILE -- Harvard University

Nov 17, 2016  By Jacob Russell

So your candidate lost. You have a right to be upset, frustrated and angry, but you also have an obligation to be respectful to others and to the will of the American people. Intellectual hypocrisy continues every day on campuses, where opinions that are not the norm are vilified or silenced.

Imagine if you treated people of different races as you treat people with different opinions. There would be a tremendous outcry! But somehow it is fine to discriminate against those with different views.

Did it ever occur to you that this may be why people voted for Trump? That it might not have been the “racist proclivities” of the U.S. or the “dangerous nationalism” of the people, but that it was people who tell them not to think or speak…

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New Law Now Charging All Protesters With Terrorism, Lawmakers URGING Americans To Share This

The United States is one of the best places to live. You have rights that are given to you from the Constitution, you have the freedom to do what you want (within reason of course), and you have the ability to live in one of the strongest nations in the world.

At least it is supposed to be like that. Unfortunately there are people called liberals that want to completely destroy everything that the Constitution gives you. They want to take away your free speech because it might offend them. They want to take away your ability to have a gun because they don’t like it. And finally they want to make the country into a globalist area.

Despite the fact that the United States was founded with the Constitution being the document that gives people power, the liberals have decided that they don’t like that anymore. They are literally doing what they can to destroy any evidence of that.

The most prominent example would be the fact that after the election was held, in which Donald Trump was the winner, entitled liberals were so angry that they decided they would go out and protest the results. Yes they were protesting the results of a FAIR election, despite the fact that there was still three million illegal votes cast.

And what do the Democratic leaders have to say about all of this? They have kept their mouths shut on the entire thing. Despite all summer long of having the liberals and their friends in the media saying that Trump needs to talk to his supporters for their “damages” caused, they haven’t done that either.

But it isn’t just the fact that the Democratic leaders are staying silent on the whole issue. There have been numerous reports that these protesters are actually getting paid by George Soros in order to create enough of a disturbance that something would get done. What the liberals want to do is stop the transfer of power.

That way Trump wouldn’t be the person in charge of the entire country. It would still be underneath President Obama. But that is what the liberals want; instead there is a new bill that is coming out that is sure to make liberals everywhere cry.

A Republican lawmaker has just come up with the perfect solution to make sure that these protesters stop acting like entitled liberals. The bill in question would allow authorities to charge protesters with committing “economic terrorism.” Washington state Senator Doug Ericksen is the one that is responsible for coming up with the bill.

“I respect the right to protest, but when it endangers people’s lives and property, it goes too far. Fear, intimidation, and vandalism are not a legitimate form of political expression. Those who employ it must be called to account. We are not just going after the people who commit these acts of terrorism. We are going after the people who fund them. Wealthy donors should not feel safe in disrupting middle-class jobs.”

People Who Protest Like This Are Going To Get A Rude Wake Up Call

The proposed bill, which is going to pass through considering that the Republicans control the House, the Senate, and the Presidency, would make protesting a class C felony if they create any sort of “economic disruption” or “jeopardize human life and property.”

It would also mean that people that have been discovered to be in violation of this would face up to five years in prison, or a $10,000 fine, or both. Not only that, but any group that organizes a protest that is considered disruptive would also be charged with “economic terrorism.”

That means that these precious snowflakes that think they can get away with causing damage because they’re upset would have to think twice. But the saddest part about this whole thing is the fact that it was forced to be created. That was because the liberals that were protesting have a difficult time being peaceful.

They honestly think that the best way to go about this whole thing is to make sure that they cause as much damage and destruction as possible. And their defense for it is to say that they have a right to protest. The last time I checked, protesting didn’t involve lighting trashcans on fire or smashing car windshields. That isn’t a protest; that’s a full-blown riot!

And this is what we have been seeing from the numerous protests that have been going on since the election. There are people doing whatever they can to cause as much damage and destruction as possible. And these people need to learn that they can’t get away with this any longer.

Of course the other sad part is that a vast majority of these protesters didn’t even vote in the election. They had a prime opportunity to make sure that their voices were heard and they completely ignored that. And now they decided that they want to have their voice heard by causing as much damage as possible.

But that wasn’t the worst thing that they did. There was a report on CNN that had one of the protesters promising actual DEATH just to make sure that they got what they wanted. Yes these people are so crazy that they want to have people killed just to make sure that they get what they want. It’s people like this that had the bill created in the first place.

Share this article with your friends and family to show that people that are going to be protesting and causing damage and mayhem where they go are about to get a rude wake up call. A bill is going to be passed, thanks to an all Republican Congress, which is going to make sure that these protesters face justice for causing destruction.

This is just a way to ensure that we are stronger as a country under Trump. The past eight years have taught children that it is okay to be whiny and complain about everything. That time has past. We no longer have to accept the Band-Aid generation that was seen underneath Obama. This is just the first step into making this country stronger and it is going to continue. We WILL Make America Great Again!

New Law Now Charging All Protesters With Terrorism

H/T: Conservative Daily Post

‘Suck it up, buttercup!’: Iowa lawmaker proposes bill punishing schools coddling anti-Trump students

Most Shameful and Weak outcome of People of Obamas reign, these people are his legacy!

tomfernandez28's Blog


Following Donald Trump’s win in Tuesday’s presidential election, many high school and college students were having a tough time dealing with the reality of the results. There were reports of mass walkouts, protests and students gathering on campuses to mourn Hillary Clinton’s loss in what were termed,“cry-ins.”

In some cases, schools accommodated student requests to delay exams, cancelled classes and reportedly provided grief counseling to distraught members of the staff and student body.

After hearing about state schools in Iowa coddling students, creating safe zones, cancelling exams, etc., Bobby Kaufmann, a member of the Iowa State house, decided he had seen enough.

Kaufmann, Chairman of the Iowa House Oversight Committee, has announced he is going to open an investigation into the state schools, hoping to learn just how many taxpayer dollars were wasted on the “cry baby” reactions to Trump’s victory over Clinton.

Speaking with

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Commies, Thugs, Illegals Proclaim Law & Order Trump Not Their President

Democrat operatives and paid agitators are out in the streets of many American cities becoming de facto mascots for their party by making complete asses of themselves. Their candidate lost the election by a landslide. It wasn’t even close and the results are not being contested by the losing candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Some of the agitation, much of its organization, originates with anti-American groups. The angry Latino woman in black being interviewed as they walk down the street has a shirt on that reads “Revolution Nothing Less!” and has the link below of, the site of the Revolutionary Communist Party. They actively promote the riots and advocate for the overthrow of the US government.

As to the useful idiots who aren’t out to fundamentally transform the US into a communist society, those  who aren’t shills for the Obama and Clinton agendas, do they not understand the difference between an election and a coronation? Or is it just that, as spoiled brat liberals, they simply demand to have their way, and will manipulate, distort and tweak the justification to fit the situation to their desired outcome?

They claim that Donald Trump is not their president and for many that is probably the case. When they are deported back to their own country they can then say hello to their true and real president. Donald Trump was elected the president of America, a leader for American citizens and legal residents.

Hussein Obama, on the other hand, was allowed to occupy the office having never proven his citizenship, answered questions about his use of forged documents or why he sealed his records and he and his domestic partner both lost their law licenses. If there was a case for anyone to legitimately argue or state that an occupant of the White House was not their president, it was in response to the placement of the current occupant, Hussein Obama into the office and the refusal of the corrupt Congress to force his eviction.

Obama was not our president yet no republicans beat the hell out of anyone’s car in response. No republicans marched up and down the streets creating civil unrest, blocking traffic, intimidating people and scaring the hell out of innocent women and children. Those supporting Republican candidates never forced police to be deployed to maintain some semblance of order. It’s not hard to tell who the good guys are and who are the bad guys in this whole situation.

Republicans didn’t utilize paid agitators of the type George Soros and are using to create chaos and disorder in what is normally an orderly process when they are not involved. It’s fine for them to be unhappy about the outcome, somebody always is. That’s the nature of a winner take all system. It’s not fine to throw a violent criminal tantrum because you didn’t win.

There were sixteen other Republicans and three other Democrats who lost to Donald Trump. Only Hillary Clinton supporters resorted to rioting and thuggish behavior, including beating up his supporters at rallies. There might have been more violence against Clinton had her collusion and criminal activities against Bernie Sanders come out earlier, but she got away with that one. At their convention the shill Sanders acted like the good little operative and endorsed her immediately in spite of obvious shenanigans.

The fact is that only supporters of Hillary Clinton, a candidate funded by anti-American George Soros are acting out in this manner. It is only George Soros funded thug agitators who are the outside agitators that are known to police. That should tell every honest American, which excludes most of her supporters, everything they need to know about the woman (aside from her 4 or 5 ongoing investigations) from a standpoint of her lack of character. It also reaffirms everything we already knew about the disgusting anti-American globalist trash George Soros.

Donald Trump may not be your president, but he’s my president and like it or not, you already had your vote. She got many more than she was entitled to through fraud and she still lost. Rioting is not an acceptable response, nothing is going to change. We are not about to give in to your demands. Either grow up and go home or go to jail. It’s a pretty simple choice.

Source: Commies, Thugs, Illegals Proclaim Law & Order Trump Not Their President