VIDEO TX AG Defends Trump – Wall To Save Lives – Refugee Arrivals ‘Dry Up’ – Hispanics Support Deport, Defund Sanctuary

I would like to add to  ror1774s post of Reclaim our Republic to take close note of the Paragraph where this is stated 

“Civilization jihad calls for changing a nation by changing its people and its values—gradually, over time. Stealth Invasion blows the lid off a corrupt, fraudulent program that has been secretly dumping Third World refugees, many of them radical, on American cities for three decades. Americans have been kept largely in the dark about the radical plans to permanently transform their nation. Until now.

Catholic Charities USA, an arm of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and the single largest government-funded resettlement agency serving about 25 percent of the total refugees brought to the U.S. every year, is also rushing to fill the funding gaps. The agency’s refugee budget was funded 97 percent by the federal government, according to its IRS form 990 for 2014, the latest year available.”


As innocent as the Fake MSM would have us believe we are obligated to help these “poor people”,  we should remember well what these people have done upon entering our country. They do not share our values, nor appreciate our Culture, they have no coherence of Democracy and they chant “Death to America” at every turn. Anymore that are allowed in must truly get extreme vetting.  Its unbelievable to me that many in America want to allow them in….but President Trump is addressing the problem, something no other President has ever done and we should all thank God for that. This article gave me goosebumps but it is a good one, it is a thorough one and well worth the read.

Reclaim Our Republic

Refugees at a United Nations camp in South Sudan. At least 95 percent of the refugees sent to the U.S. are picked by the U.N.

Refugees at a United Nations camp in South Sudan. At least 95 percent of the refugees sent to the U.S. are picked by the U.N.

Refugee-resettlement agencies are scrambling to cut staff and, in some cases, close entire offices as they prepare for a reduction in refugee arrivals to the U.S. under President Donald Trump’s unfolding policy.

A pro-refugee group leaked an “official guidance” from the U.S. State Department to NPR Wednesday that said refugee arrivals will begin to dry up after March 3.

As WND reported last week, the one part of Trump’s embattled executive order that was not blocked by the Ninth Circuit Court, was his reduction of the fiscal-2017 cap on refugees from 110,000 set by Barack Obama to 50,000. The fiscal…

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BREAKING: Assad Confirms Jihad Militia That Killed Chris Stevens Now In U.S. Refugee Population


While certainly beginning to wane by 1986, the Cold War was still much a reality. Both the United States and their arch enemy, the Soviet Union, lived with the reality that the other had weapons so destructive that neither side’s leader likely slept very soundly at night. Still, something really telling happened that year.  The Soviet-American relationship was about to take a turn.

The Chernobyl Power Station suffered what was, at that time, the worst nuclear mishap to ever happen. After Mayak in Russia (which had been the worst disaster of its kind prior) had decimated the U.S.S.R. only about thirty years prior, Ronald Reagan said, “The United States is prepared to make available to the Soviet Union humanitarian and technical assistance dealing with this accident.”

He added that America was looking to gain,” information on the accident and request the closest possible coordinated effort among all concerned countries.”  Lastly, Reagan also added that “To minimize the danger, we hope the Soviet Union will fulfill its international obligations to provide information on the accident in a timely manner.”


This was said to a communist country that wanted to destroy us, but this did not just happen once. When (also in 1986) the Space Shuttle Challenger erupted into a ball of fire, fell from the purple sky, and killed everyone on board (including the first civilian in space for America) on live television, a Soviet Embassy spokesman said, “On behalf of the embassy, I express deep condolences and sympathy to the American people in connection with this enormous tragic accident involving the shuttle Challenger.”

Regular citizens were too full of sorrow in Russia, with even common office workers saying “I think it’s very sad. Any human losses in this field, whether in the Soviet Union or America, are a tragedy. Space exploration is a risky business, but such crashes are a small tragedy for mankind.

That kind of kinship towards one’s enemies is not totally absent today from the human the spirit to the degree that many of us have feared. Syria’s embattled president, Bashar Assad, is trying with great passion and convincing demeanor to warn everyone in every nation that is taking in refugees fleeing the war that has befallen his nation to beware of the terrorists that he warns are”definitely” mingled into the mix.


We know already that Ambassador Stevens made repeated requests for help and back up and was ignored. It seems that he and only one other person were all that stood between him and the people who were working to bringing in heavy weapons to Syria from Libya. This means that Assad is perfectly correct about not only the terrorist threat, but that America’s top brass may have actually allowed Stevens to be murdered. HE MIGHT HAVE BEEN LEFT TO DIE ON PURPOSE TO HIDE WHAT HE KNEW.

In an interview with Yahoo News, Assad was asked if he thought, since he was certain that terrorist elements were involved, whether or not he felt that Trump or the protesters were correct about the travel ban. Assad chose to leave such matters to the people and leadership of the U.S. (a respect that much of the world has not shown him, including Obama’s America) saying only that, “is an American issue.

He did go on with his point, however,  by saying that the internet is full of factual reports that show not only articles and official documents outlining the fact of terrorist infiltration within refugees ranks, but also videos of the terrorists saying it for themselves.

One would expect Assad to laugh merrily as sharia practitioners who act more like swine than human beings sweep over his enemies and bring great sorrow to their societies, but surprisingly that is not his tone. Even when asked if there were a lot of terrorists mixed in, his answer was filled with prudence when he observed that it does not take a large number of such terrorists to inflict great harm. That said, he seemed to imply that the number was pretty high without coming right out and saying it.


Those terrorists in Syria, holding the machine gun or killing people, they [appear as] peaceful refugees in Europe or in the West,” said the Syrian president. He added that rather than see his people spread all over the nations of the Earth that he would like to see them all come home.  “For me, the priority is to bring those citizens to their country, not to help them immigrate.

Like most things that the mainstream media misses, this hidden nugget of information could be as (or even MORE) important than his reaffirmation that terrorists are hiding amongst the refugees, though his firsthand confirmation does help. The real gem is that he WANTS HIS PEOPLE HOME!

This means that Trump will likely have an ally in his quest to not have America awash with Syrians who are displaced due to a war that Bush helped to cause and that Obama helped to fund. It means that Trump’s repeated calls for a safe zone, followed by an eventual reunified Syria, followed by the whole of EU/U.S.A. not needing to take in any more people with the war over has official backing from the leader of the nation to whom an exodus affects most. This also means that Russia and the United States now have a common goal with all three parties agreeing if they are wise enough to make the deal. (That we all know, is Trump’s specialty, so this could be amazing news)


Assad, rather than portraying the mad butcher who gasses his own people (which is unlikely to have been the case), the soft-spoken Syrian leader declared that each nation needed to weigh the humanitarian cost with proper risk analysis. Some may argue that Assad is not someone to be trusted, that the Germans who studied the gas attack were wrong, and that Assad did gas his own people. If so, then let us reason still. Pretending that it is true, does his evil mean that he knows nothing of terror? Does it mean that his years of experience and Islamic background with expertise in knowing each nuance of each radical faction is now worthless because he is evil?

If Assad was saying, “let the West die from these terrorists,” or, “we will never accept those who fled home,” or  ANYTHING that imply that he could benefit from lying then we could all write off his warnings and put his words under those of Kim Jung Un and simply have a good laugh. This is not the case. Assad seems to be saying that instead of lashing out at America and nations that spent billions to dethrone him and who almost went to war with Russia over it, that the West needs to act very carefully. It seems as if the old adage that says that the enemy of your enemy is your friend is simply not true in this case.

BREAKING: Assad Confirms Jihad Militia That Killed Chris Stevens Now In U.S. Refugee Population

Liberal Teacher Takes In Muslim Refugee For A Few Nights, Then Co-Worker Walks In On SICK Surprise

Operating on the “open doors” idea to look far more compassionate than conservatives, a liberal professor decided to take in a Muslim refugee to feed and house him. The teacher was under the belief that these people were just seeking a better life and anyone who thought something different was a bigot. When the leftist didn’t show up for work one day, his colleague went to his home to investigate why and walking in on a wretched surprise of what “multiculturalism” gets you.

After an influx of asylum-seekers flooded Europe, the high school math teacher, 55-year-old Mehdi Hushmand, who also happens to be a migrant Iran, became an active part of the refugee movement in his town of Celle, Germany, volunteering at every chance he could. This led oto the opportunity to get more personally involved, by opening up his home to one of the Muslim males in his program and showing him some hospitality, while proving to the rest of the world that refugees are good people.

Mehdi was a couple into his sleepover situation with this Muslim refugee when he failed to show up for work, Celle Heute reports. This wasn’t characteristic of the dedicated teacher who never missed a day, so his concerned colleague stopped by his house to check on him after work last February. After his knocks went unanswered, the acquaintance let himself inside where he found what appeared to be a trail of blood leading down into the basement. The grisly trail led him down the stairs to Mehdi’s butchered body left in a pool of his own blood.

The traumatized teacher called for help for his murdered friend, but it was too late. Police determined that the 58-year-old unidentified asylum-seeker had gotten in an argument with the “tolerant” good Samaritan over a simple disagreement of opinions. This reportedly led the refugee to settle their differences in the only way he knows how. Bild reports that using a rock and a metal object, the refugee bashed the teacher’s head in and didn’t stop until he was dead. In hopes of disguising the heinous crime, he hauled Mehdi’s body to down the basement.

The Muslim murderer was eventually found and arrested, but German investigators initially refused to release key details about him as to protect the refugee propaganda that Mehdi bought into and they still want to perpetuate. This teacher’s compassion is what got him killed, along with the liberal agenda that made him believe that Islam is a peaceful religion and refugees from Sharia countries are “safe.”

This murder wasn’t an isolated incident, it’s one of many heinous acts committed by Muslim refugees from one of the seven countries in President Trump’s travel ban for this very reason. Liberals are committing dangerous emotional abuse to perpetuate their agenda and put the Western world in harm while attempting to discredit our brave leader as a bigot.

Liberal Teacher Takes In Muslim Refugee For A Few Nights, Then Co-Worker Walks In On SICK Surprise

Trump reportedly considers new immigration order after court defeat

I, for one, am tired of living in a degenerate society, where the now, dead Hollywood is more of a Political Power working for Globalism and where people from 3rd world Countries come in and fill our homeland with all kinds of disease and who no nothing, nor understand our Democracy and way of life.

Unbelievable that our President is having to fight our own people and High Positioned People to keep our Country safe. Because of how they’ve been and are being I hope he cracks down even harder on things.

Although President Trump said he is convinced that his travel ban will eventually win in court, he said Friday that he is considering crafting a “brand new order.”

He said any action would not come until next week, but he stressed that “we need speed for reasons of security.”

The comments, which were made on Air Force One, suggest that he is going to take bifurcated strategy, according to The Wall Street Journal. In that case, his administration could continue a legal fight for his first order all while crafting another.

“I have no doubt that we’ll win that particular case,” Trump said at the White House, during a press conference alongside visiting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The Justice Department is weighing its options, which also include appealing to a broader panel of judges or the Supreme Court.

The decision Thursday was made by a panel of three judges with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals based in San Francisco.

In their unanimous decision , the judges refused to reinstate Trump’s immigration order and rejected the government’s position that such presidential decisions on immigration policy are “unreviewable.”

“There is no precedent to support this claimed unreviewability, which runs contrary to the fundamental structure of our constitutional democracy,” the judges wrote. “…Although our jurisprudence has long counseled deference to the political branches on matters of immigration and national security, neither the Supreme Court nor our court has ever held that courts lack the authority to review executive action in those arenas for compliance with the Constitution.”

The initial order, which was signed Jan. 27, suspended entry for visitors from seven predominantly Muslim countries for at least 90 days and froze the entire U.S. refugee program, The Journal reported.

Josh Blackman, a professor at South Texas College of Law in Houston, said the “million-dollar question” is whether the Trump administration would appeal to the Supreme Court.

That could run the risk of having only eight justices to hear the case, which could produce a tie and leave the lower-court ruling in place.

“There’s a distinct risk in moving this too quickly,” Blackman said. “But we’re not in a normal time, and Donald Trump is very rash. He may trump, pardon the figure of speech, the normal rule.”



Trump reportedly considers new immigration order after court defeat


Kerry Sending “Refugees” From Australia’s Prison Camps To Our Streets

John Kerry is always looking for new and innovative ways to expand the number of “refugees” he’s importing into the United States. Now he’s agreed to “consider” and sent the associated induction personnel to process Muslim boat people from Indonesia and elsewhere in the South Pacific region. They have been confined to Australia-funded Pacific island camps on Nauru and Papua New Guinea since being denied entry into their country. A tough policy of refusing admittance to Australia to any potential asylees traveling by boat was adopted in July of 2013, which led to the creation of the camps.

The camps are rough, inhumane places, and some of the detainees have spent years inside. There are numerous reports of abuse and self-harm amongst detainees, including in camps which house children. More than 2,000 incidents of sexual abuse, assault and attempted self-harm have been reported over the past two years at the Nauru detention center alone. Of course his family won’t be affected nor will the Obamas or other elites. None of them will come into contact with these individuals. They’ll send the hardened lawbreakers, many of them ruthless perverts and criminals, to live among us, the peasant citizens, the nobodys, in our neighborhoods. We can support them with our state and local tax dollars.

AP reports that most of the asylum seekers are Muslims from the Middle East, Africa and Asia. What’s Kerry waiting for? They can be stamped approved before the ink is even dry on the application. That’s just the non-white, non-Christian, non-assimilating, terrorism-prone demographic the Obama regime is desperate to increase in the US. At a minimum the numbers will include 1,300 boat people and another 370 who received medical visas for treatment in Australia and refused to leave. Lawbreaking is seen as a positive characteristic by the criminals in the Obama regime that deserves to be rewarded.

Kerry said the US had “agreed to consider referrals” from the United Nations refugee agency on Australia’s refugees. He works hand in hand with the UN coordinating the global government population redistribution. A team of DHS officials are expected in Australia this week to begin assessing refugees. The conduct of assessments means the induction process has already begun. Those that are approved will be coming to our neighborhoods and streets.

They’re going to be shipped to the US and supported by the US taxpayers, the decision’s been made. Kerry’s just trying to make it look like a thoughtful, legitimate process. The only reflection left for Kerry to consider is how many more he might be able to get away with and what other excuses are there he can use to bring them in.

He told reporters in New Zealand, “We are going to work to protect vulnerable refugees around the world, and we’ll share that responsibility with our friends in the regions that are most affected by this challenge.”

In keeping with the overall goal of global government and population homogeny throughout the formerly sovereign nations of the world, Australia’s Turnbull agreed in September to be a dumping ground for Central Americans being housed at a camp in the Central American nation of Costa Rica and to increase their annual “refugee” intake to 18,750 year.

At the time Turnbull, another Goldman Sachs alum, insisted that there was no quid pro quo with the US for a “refugee” deal. That seems a bit disingenuous now, just over a month later, with Australia taking invaders from our backyard and us taking theirs. That long distance arrangement enables them to appear to be making special considerations for “problem populations.” They can then claim the blessing of “diversity” resulting from what is a “righteous humanitarian defense” for burdening their people with the human infestation.

Fundamental transformation through population dilution is a global oligarch objective, underway in Australia and Europe as well as in America. We’ve all have more than enough. On January 20th this lunacy stops, at least in the US. Australians might want to take not of what has happened in America and the UK, and turn out the globalist tool, Mr. Turnbull.

Source: Kerry Sending “Refugees” From Australia’s Prison Camps To Our Streets

Donald Trump, please try to stop this now! We are about to take 1,800 failed asylum seekers that Australia has rejected « Refugee Resettlement Watch

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 12, 2016

When I wrote about this the other day, I didn’t really think our Department of State could be serious, but obviously the Obama Administration is going to shove it down our throats! How many more outrages will we see regarding refugees before January 20th when Donald Trump will be setting US immigration policy?

Watch the 2013 news about the asylum seekers, angry with Australia and the slow processing of their claims, burn down the asylum center.  Link here if this doesn’t open:

German press (Deutsche Welle) is reporting that we are going to transform Australia’s failed asylum seekers, mostly Muslims, into legitimate refugees bound for Anytown, USA.

I would like to know, from the ‘brains’ at the US State Department, how these 1,800 boat people were vetted.  And, most of all, why Australia turned them down!

Deutsche Welle:

The US has agreed to accept 1,800 refugees held at Australian-funded camps in Nauru and Papua New Guinea, according to media reports. Human rights groups have criticized the conditions in the camps. [What? And, that means because conditions are supposedly bad in an Australian camp, its inhabitants become our problem!—ed]

The Australian newspaper reported on Friday that the US and Australia were close to announcing an agreement for up to 1,800 mainly Muslim refugees from the Middle East, Africa and Asia on the island nations of Nauru and Papua New Guinea.

Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull declined to comment on negotiations with the US. “There’s always speculation about these things” Turnbull said on Melbourne Radio. “And we never comment on them.”


An agreement struck with the administration of President Barack Obama could be opposed by his successor, Donald Trump who has called for tight restrictions on Muslim immigration into the US.

Human rights groups have condemned the conditions in the camps which they have condemned as an abrogation of Australia’s responsibilities as a signatory to the United Nations Refugee Convention. There have been street protests over the treatment of the refugees (photo).

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said this week he was looking for countries that would accept all asylum seekers bound for Australia, including those who have had their refugee claims rejected, but who refuse to go home.

Donald Trump really can’t do anything yet, but your Washington reps can!

Call your US Senators and member of Congress!

I’ve been preaching for weeks/months that there is only one place right now (before January 20th) where you can have an impact if you choose to do the work!  That is Congress.  Call your representatives in Washington on Monday (they should be back to work on Tuesday, but their staffs should be working) and complain about this outrage.  Use it as an example of how out of control the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program is.

Tell your representatives to call the US State Department (the Asst. Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration) to put a halt to this sheer insanity!

And, while you are at it, tell your members of Congress to DEFUND the RAP in the FY2017 budget that will be before them beginning on Tuesday.

Source: Donald Trump, please try to stop this now! We are about to take 1,800 failed asylum seekers that Australia has rejected « Refugee Resettlement Watch

ADOPT-A-REFUGEE plan under consideration by Obama administration

Oh yeah I want a Refugee Oo….send em all back where they came from including the Illegals!!!

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This is a great idea. And let’s take it farther. Instead of paying for their housing (and everything else), let’s see the Hollywood leftists and Democrats and RINOs in Washington adopt refugees and take them into their homes. Maybe a reality show or two could be made of this. And if a few of them turn out to be terrorists, well, that’s just the luck of the draw, right? It was always “racist” and “bigoted” to be concerned about that, right? 


“Adopt-a-refugee plan under consideration by Obama administration,” by Lauren Etter, Bloomberg, October 4, 2016 (thanks to Christian):

Americans might be able to bring a refugee to the U.S. on their own dime if talks between the Obama administration and the nation’s leading refugee advocacy group come to fruition.

The State Department is considering a pilot program that would let citizens sponsor a refugee from their country of choice…

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“We don’t want Muslim neighbors”

Paul Joseph WatsonAUGUST 12, 2016

More Christians are fleeing Germany for “Muslim free” countries like Hungary to escape “aggressive migrants” who have poured into their homeland.
A report by Hungary Today details how the process of “reverse migration” is beginning to unfold, with the area around Lake Balaton, where properties can be purchased for just 14,000 euros, becoming a popular retreat for German families desperate to leave.

“People say they’ve had enough of things getting worse and worse in Germany, and they hail Orbán’s policies,” said German estate agent Ottmar Heide (pictured below), referring to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s decision to close his country’s borders to migrants last year.

According to Heide, 80 per cent of his clients are people from Germany fleeing their country to escape the consequences of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open door migration policy. Around 30,000 Germans…

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