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President Trumps Conference Feb 16 2017

One of the best Press Conferences I’ve seen President Donald Trump give thus far. In this one he addressed the Left Wing Media Press after giving the important news first, and he put them in their place. They had started their attacks on him as soon as he had announced his run for the Presidency well over a year ago now, and it went into a frenzy after he was Elected. No one had believed he could or would win, especially since Soros and other Special Interest groups had invested millions into Clinton to have her win.

The Left had gotten so Powerful and so Corrupt that it wasn’t even a possibility that this Business Contractor could win, but we with Moral Standing, we who believe in the Great I Am, the God of our Universe, and the true owner of it, knew different.


And what the Press, the Globalists, the Establishment doesn’t realize, and probably never will, is that God sets up Kings and takes down others, all having their role to play, towards Gods end plan alone, not theirs. They can try to fight Gods agenda all they want to, but when Gods word goes forth, it wont be stopped, not by any way or force.


God made a way for this man to be President showing we who had prayed for the evil that had been overtaking us to be stayed, that He heard us and as you can see in the Video, President Trump is no quitter. We will see good things happen from here, even if it takes President Trump fighting every step of the way…hes got an Angel by his side and surrounding him.


January 11 2017

Cant believe the extent of the exuberance Im feeling over the election of Donald J Trump as our 45th President and his soon Inaugeration! I seen Obama giving his farewell speech and I couldnt stomach to watch it all. He stood up there talking how the country he divided was going to remain so, like that is something that better remain! I wanted to just scream at him what a miserable fail he was and how his and the Globalists stinking boot on my neck in life had done, how it practically almost had destroyed my life because ther agenda with illegals and refugees were more important to them than hardworking Americans. The idiot just made a fool of himself in front of we who care about God, our Constitution and Country. And he doesnt deserve our taxes for his protection after leaving office but whatever the case, I believe in Karma and Im sure its going to come back on him. He’ll be remembered in History as a Dark Spot that should be forgotten, because his Legacy was to destroy our Nation and the Republic. Goodbye and Good Riddance Obama, you wont be missed!


Dec 3 2016

My mom passed away of Lung Cancer at the end of last month, I had thought she’d see one more year but at least she is no longer suffering. Sad time right now, hope to be blogging again in a few weeks.


This (Harry Reid) individual was what was part of the Problem in the WhiteHouse during the 8 years of Hell 2008-2016. Does this well known Democrat look or act like an Adult? Or Look like they should even have rights to the Governance of America?

These kind of temper tantrums, just like whats going on now with the Riots across the Nation after Donald Trumps Presidential election is exactly what is Dangerous to Society! The very idea of “Law and Order sends them into a Rage! And this is why we can never ever lose the 2nd Ammendment!





This guy says it well regarding the Riots and Protests of President Trump right now.

A gentleman with a lot of sense, Thaddeus Dionne Alexander, has a few words to say about the rabble rioting across America, supposedly over their dissatisfaction with the result of Tuesday’s election. Mr. Alexander gives them the benefit of the doubt, that they are merely mentally and emotionally deficient traitors. There is proof that many are working as anti-American operatives through various communist and other organizations, including those affiliated with George Soros, whose filthy hands usually and once again have left their filthy fingerprints everywhere. For those of little integrity and even less character who are sincere and sincerely messed up, his words are right on point. He says:

Wow, now we’re protesting? Really? Man, I don’t understand it. Obviously it’s not Republicans out there causing all of this destruction, you know, burning up the streets, blocking roads. Things like that. It’s the liberals, you know.

These are the same people that are against the Second Amendment because they want to decrease violence and nobody should have guns. The same people that are [pro?] anti-abortion because they want to save lives. And you’re causing all of this destruction just because your candidate lost.

See that’s the problem with this country. You can’t always get your way. Everybody wants to be politically correct. Quit being crybabies. Ain’t nothing free. You ain’t no slave. You don’t get your way so you act like a two-year-old. Burning up people’s stuff. Destroying the streets, making people late for work?

Man, I’m glad I don’t live in New York City, or Washington or Oregon, cause I would run one of your asses over. You are outrageous, man. You are the exact reason why Donald Trump won the election. Because we’re tired of you crybabies. You didn’t earn anything. None of you put on a uniform but you’re quick to disrespect the flag, not want to say the pledge of allegiance, not want to recognize the Bible.

But you want everything; you didn’t fight for anything but you want it. It doesn’t work like that. You know, I think it should be, all these people out there, that want to protest and burn stuff up, I don’t think the cops should protect them.

Obviously, when people look at the flag and say ‘that’s not my flag, Donald Trump is not my president, then you know what? Then obviously this ain’t your damn country. Leave – find another flag; find another president, go to Mexico. I really don’t care. But quit tearing up stuff. Quit causing destruction and preaching peace, cause you’re contradicting yourself.


This is a page of my own thoughts as I read and blog/reblog the daily news of what is going on in the world today.  Isn’t the song and music below just beautiful!  Well I love my America, what that name stands for, the countless young men that died for the many freedoms people here enjoy today.  We are quickly losing those freedoms and the only way we will get them back is if Trump is elected.  The day is fast approaching that will determine the future of America.  Most of us know we dont want whats going on with the Globalists agenda left to our Grandchildren, we all want them to have hope and a better future than what we have seen since Obamas election.  Everything he promised us was a lie and now we have Crooked Lying Hillary to worry about, God help us.  I hope those voting for her wake up and smell the coffee and by right they should with all the dirty corrupt facts coming out about who she really is and what she stands for. Its my prayer tonight and every night that God (KJ21 And He changeth the times and the seasons; He removeth kings and setteth up kings. He giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding.) will allow us to have Trump as our Leader so that America can be blessed again…safe again…and great again!


Ive heard some say that we are living in a time of a “Clash of Idealogies” and while that is very true, While mercy is being given to others, it is at the expense of the American Peoples well-being and way of life.  In a very real sense, we whom are patriots and love our country are being persecuted because many times, the President himself blames America or the people themselves for the bad that others and criminals are doing. When he spoke one time of the Isamic States crimes in the name of their religeon he said let not you people get up on your high horse because yaw too killed in the name of religeon in days gone by.  That man took an Oath, which he has never honored and my Grandchildren arent going to be victims of these monstrous people called the Globalists if I can help it, same for my children. I cant even listen to Obama speak without my ears starting to hurt and my head to ache with what comes out of his mouth. Hillary will be the same as he if elected, but one thousand times worse.  We are in a time like no other, a time in history that must be marked and a time to cherish if Trump wins. I myself will be voting he set in order term-limits and makes it where there is no more career politicians. Many things need to change and I do have faith that Mr. Trump will get the job done. I love him and love his style! This is the real Trump!


I read an article today that sickened me further what America is becoming under Obamas Administration and these Globalists. Now we have to worry about the illegals coming in starting websites for “Whites” to give them “Free Stuff”…I say “Get up off ya lazy hind ends and at least attempt to contribute to Society! This is just unbelievable and this attitude was not tolerated in my home growing up!  I not only attended school but had chores to get done with no pay and had to work on top of that with giving a percentage to my father for my upkeep. This began when I was 12 years old!  No, I didnt like it then but it gave me character and helped me understand the value of a dollar!  I have no pity on those who can work and wont and expect me to give them free stuff! God, I’ll be glad when Trump starts his term….hes going to put a stop to this!


Sept 29 2016

Have been sporadic in blogging as of late. Have been so worried about upcoming Election that I have shyed away from any news because the MSM lies so much. I cant understand how anyone at all would vote for Hillary Clinton when its been proved how much she lies, when the movie from Brightbart shows how corrupt her and her husband Bill are and when she let those men die in Benghazi. All this not including all the Confidential Emails she deleted that could have indited her and put her behind the bars she most well deserves to be behind!

I seen too, a vid clip of her debating Trump and a camera vid had caught her hand resting on the podium and it was making jerking movements which to me clearly does point to Parkinsons disease. But of course, she denies it….not surprised.

I wonder if the people voting for her really realize what they are in for in voting for her. Like the Titanic, America is floundering, but unlike the Titanic, we have no lifeboats…we all go down if shes elected. And anyone wondering about the Beast system that the Bible in Revelations speaks of will have to wonder no more. Hillary and the Dems along with the Turncoat Reps will make sure it gets put in place and finalized. Yes, its a far different world today than what I grew up in and the depth of the Worldwide Corruption makes me sick. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think Id see a time like this. It use to matter that the one leading our Nation loved America but the traitors infilterated and took over. I do believe there will be another war and it will be the last one. Men have gotten too arrogant, they have slammed what God gave man from the beginning and His Law itself. Too late will they realize it.  The world doesnt change, people do….and while they have the freedom to choose now, whether they are held accountable now matters but it matters most in the end.  Praying Trump wins because if he doesnt, get ready for the real fight will have just begun.

Oct. 8 2016

The term “White Privilage” equals”Psychological Warfare” on Americans Citizens so you Filthy Elite Globalists can kiss my ass! Ive never had privilage so your little game wont work on me. By the way, in the end you are nothing but dust just like the rest of us. That is one thing you corrupt bastards that are hurting Americas people wont escape either. That in itself comforts me whatever comes.


Oct 10 2016

Donald Trump so owned the 2nd Presidential Debate last night and I was so proud of him…but as usual the Globalist owned MSM spun it for Hillary.  My twitter account was shut down after I retweeted a picture of Hillary with that fly that flew on her face, and they said it was because I had reached my daily allotted tweet amount and to check back later. Then when I did, I had some kind of Congratulations from Twitter thanking me for being one of the top Engaged Community Twitterers, understood none of it. Oo

I want to start out saying that before Barack Obama took office I was a registered Democrat and had been all my life though Id never voted in my life. After I started seeing what Obama was doing to our country, I registered as Republican. Then when I learned that they both were in cahoots with one another and running a game on us, I went and registered as a Libertarian. I dont believe in the Republicans sitting in today, but I believe in and honor that Platform they use to live by.

On another note, I too have a Big Bone to chew with those condemning Trump over some “Locker Room” talk he did concerning women 10-15 years ago while giving Bill Clinton a free pass for all the women he raped while he was in office. Trump never raped a woman and the talk was years ago!  I guess though, them condemning Trump makes them more special and righteous. It was a different era back then and Trump is a different man regarding his language and as a person so I give him credit for that and my vote for him still stands. You know whats funny though….every single one of us is guilty of that “locker room talk, along with gossip, but the Progressive Libtards are pinning it on Trump like it was a murder and like they have never talked the way he did, oh they are so righteous now that they have marked what? One Offense while Clinton has blood all over her hands who sold us out and is a Pathological liar!? The Globalists just may succeed putting her in office so Im back preparing for the worst, getting my Shtf stuff done and ready for when the war begins

In any case, Trump did so well in this past debate Im keeping it on my page! I know he’ll do even better next time!

The Art of the Comeback

Donald Dominates Debate 2


Donald Trump, the 2016 GOP presidential nominee, crushed his Democratic opponent Hillary Rodham Clinton in Sunday evening’s debate at Washington University in St. Louis—propelling him closer to the White House and past, perhaps, the roughest stretch of his campaign yet.


October 11th 2016

I dont know much about this guy interviewing Hillary Clinton but I found this skit hilarious but to the point like our journelists should be but arent. Hillary was so drugged up here….but she still showed she was as self-righteous as ever. I seriously do not want this witch hag as our next President!